ADE commissions Thomas Ankersmit

Thomas Ankersmit has been commissioned by the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) Soundlab to produce a new composition for ADE 2016. Titled "Otolith Emissions", the work will explore the phenomenon of otoacoustic emissions via a spatial sound performance. These emissions are sounds that are created inside the ears of the listener, by the ears themselves, in response to certain stimulus sounds that Ankersmit creates, offering an intimate and highly disorienting acoustic experience.

Soundwalk Collective Release Album with Patti & Jesse Smith

Soundwalk Collective have released a new video with Patti Smith and her daughter Jesse Paris Smith, ahead of their upcoming collaborative album. The project reinterprets the songs and poetry of Velvet Underground singer Nico, exploring her final moments of life on Ibiza.

Killer Road will be released on September 2nd via Sacred Bones.

Mechatok Joins DISK Agency

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming Timur Tokdemir aka Mechatok to DISK Agency. The young DJ and producer is associated with Staycore and Bala Club - two of the most exciting club movements in the scene. Mechatok is a versatile artist which he has proven as a creator of beautiful club tracks and at the same time the producer behind instrumentals for Uli K and Yung Lean. Mechatok is set to play the Temp Affairs party in Berlin, an event held by Lunch Meat and Berlin Current in Prague and Munich's Kammerspiele. 

Sote Joins DISK Agency

We're happy to announce that Tehran's Sote has just joined our roster. The Iranian musician and academic has published music on labels including Warp, Sub Rosa and Opal Tapes. The artist entertains a wide range of interests - from rugged techno to microtonal music and electroacoustics. Sote's latest album Hardcore Sounds From Iran has been recently acclaimed by The Quietus as the 7th best album released in 2016 so far. Sote is set to play UH Fest, Unsound and Berlin's Berghain.

Now available for shows in Europe in October 2016. 

Special Project Available: Still Be Here with Hatsune Miku

A giant video triptych sets the stage for virtual pop idol Hatsune Miku, who appears center stage as a 3D hologram projected onto an Dilat-film screen. The stunning meld of hyperreal animation, subtle dance performance, documentary-like interludes, and original score and live sound processing by critically-acclaimed producer Laurel Halo is topped by Miku’s ethereal, unfaltering voice. This unique performance / installation is now available for shows worldwide.

Upcoming Shows

DJ EARL w/ footwork dancers SIRR TMO & DRE
→ 23.09.2016 Up To Date Festival – Bialystok, PL
→ 24.09.2016 TodaysArt – The Hague, NL
→ 30.09.2016 Tropical Waste – London, UK
→ 01.10.2016 Brancaleone – Rome, IT
→ 07.10.2016 Revolver – Oslo, NO
→ 08.10.2016 Bruk Bar/Blaest – Trondheim, NO
→ 14.10.2016 Keroxen Festival – Tenerife, ES
→ 15.10.2016 Sala Razzmatazz – Barcelona, ES
→ 20.10.2016 Unsound Festival – Krakow, PL
→ 22.10.2016 Elevate Festival – Graz, AT
→ 28.10.2016 Polaar – Lyon, FR
→ 29.10.2016 Music Box – Lisbon, PT
→ 04.11.2016 Volksbühne – Berlin, DE

→ 25.11.2016 Blurred Visions – Munich, DE

→ 01.10.2016 Ponton – Bucharest, RO
→ 02.10.2016 UH Fest – Budapest, HU
→ 04.10.2016 tba – Milan, IT
→ 05.10.2016 tba – Perugia, IT
→ 06.10.2016 Robot Festival – Bologna, IT
→ 07.10.2016 Palace – St Gallen, CH
→ 08.10.2016 Villamanuela Festival – Madrid, ES
→ 09.10.2016 Onassis Cultural Center – Athens, GR
→ 11.10.2016 Kaschemme – Basel, CH
→ 12.10.2016 Bad Bonn – Düdingen, CH
→ 14.10.2016 Keroxen Festival – Tenerife, ES
→ 15.10.2016 Global – Copenhagen, DK
→ 17.10.2016 Unsound Festival – Krakow, PL
→ 11.11.2016 Jazz Jantar Festival – Gdansk, PL
→ 12.11.2016 Le Guess Who? Festival – Utrecht, NL

→ 27.08.2016 Atonal Festival - Berlin, DE 
→ 03.09.2016 Druckluft - Oberhausen, DE
→ 17.09.2016 Neone - Prague, CZ
→ 24.09.2016 Hyperlocal Festival - London, UK
→ 29.09.2016 Steirischer Herbst - Graz, AT
→ 01.10.2016 A-Synth Festival - St Gallen, CH
→ 04.10.2016 Kset – Zagreb, CR
→ 05.10.2016 UH Fest – Budapest, HU
→ 07.10.2016 Villamanuela Festival – Madrid, ES
→ 06.10.2016 Phono Festival – Copenhagen, DK
→ 08.10.2016 Avant Art Festival – Wroclaw, PL 
→ 21.10.2016 Keroxen Festival – Tenerife, ES
→ 10.11.2016 Ausland – Berlin, DE
→ 12.11.2016 Ateliers Claus – Brussels, BE
→ 18.11.2016 Saint Ghetto Festival – Bern, CH

→ 10.09.2016 Skanu Mezs Festival - Riga, LV
→ 30.09.2016 Steirischer Herbst - Graz, AT
→ 08.10.2016 Maintenant Festival - Rennes, FR
→ 14.10.2016 Lunchmeat Festival - Prague, CZ
→ 21.10.2016 Unsound Festival – Krakow, PL
→ 27.10.2016 Insomnia Festival - Tromso, NO
→ 05.11.2016 C2C Festival - Torino, IT

→ 17.09.2016 CTM x Unsound - Vladivostok, RU
→ 22.09.2016 RBMA Festival - Paris, FR
→ 29.09.2016 Kyselina - Munich, DE
→ 30.09.2016 Steirischer Herbst - Graz, AT
→ 06.10.2016 UH Fest - Budapest, HU
→ 24.11.2016 Columbiahalle - Berlin, DE

→ 24.09.2016 BAM Festival – Barcelona, ES

→ 27.08.2016 Temp Affairs - Berlin, DE
→ 17.09.2016 Berlin Current - Prague, CZ
→ 29.09.2016 Kammerspiele, Munich, DE

→ 16.09.2016 – Goethe-Institut, Prague, CZ
→ 17-23.10.2016 – MUTEK.MX, Mexico City, MX
→ 27.01-05.02.2017 – CTM Festival, Berlin, DE

→ 02.09.2016 ICA w/ The Sprawl - London, UK
→ 07.09.2016 Húrra – Reykjavík , IS  
→ 08.09.2016 Gogbot Festival - Enschede, NL
→ 09.09.2016 ://about blank - Berlin, DE
→ 24.09.2016 5 Years REPITCH - Lyon, FR

→ 29.09.2016 Unsafe + Sounds Festival - Vienna, AT
→ UH Festival - Budapest, HU
→ 14.10.2016 Berghain - Berlin, DE
→ 15.10.2016 NEXT Fest - Cafe OTO - London, UK
→ 17.10.2016 Unsound Festival - Kraków, PL

→ 07.10.2016 RBMA Future Sounds of Hip Hop – Liverpool, UK
→ 12.10.2016 Kamio - London, UK
→ 13.10.2016 Berghain Panorama Bar – Berlin, DE

→ 07.09.2016 ArtEZ lecture/presentation - Enschede, NL
→ 08.09.2016 Gogbot - Enschede, NL
→ 09.09.2016 WORM - Rotterdam, NL
→ 13.09.2016 International Computer Music Conference - Utrecht, NL
→ 20.10.2016 Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam, NL
→ 21.10.2016 Stadtgarten - Cologne, DE
→ 11.11.2016 November Music - Den Bosch, NL
→ 12.11.2016 Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, BE

→ 13.08.2016 Way Out West - Gothenburg, SE
→ 09.09.2016 Oscillate Wildly x PAN - London, UK
→ 22.09.2016 RBMA Festival - Paris, FR
→ 04.11.2016 Club To Club Festival - Turin, IT

→ 02.09.2016 Bread + Butter - Berlin, DE
→ 09.09.2016 Beursschouwburg - Brussels, BE
→ 30.09.2016 Steirischer Herbst - Graz, AT

Consulting & Opperative Support

DISK has a proven track record in the organization of art, music, and media events, from concept design, planning, and finance, to operations, production, and communications and PR. We draw on extensive local and international networks as well as solid contacts in the cultural policy sector to promote groundbreaking art and music in combination with pioneering interdisciplinary discourse on their social and cultural impact. We would gladly deploy these diverse skills to realise projects on behalf of, or in close cooperation with likeminded partners.


From concerts and showcases, passing through conferences and publications, exhibitions and installations, site-specific art interventions, and multilateral co-operations, DISK holds over fifteen years of experience in developing projects that combine sound and a myriad of art forms and related fields. We actively seek to develop new projects and collaborations through commissioned work, unusual artistic pairings, new event formats, and any other artistic vision that relates to adventurous art.

Artist Booking

Representing individual artists as well as several of our own projects, we aim to promote adventurous music and multidisciplinary arts with forward-thinking institutions and partners around the world.

Promotion & PR

Communications and Public Relations for events and new releases, tailored to local national or international media representatives and audiences.

Year-Round Concerts

DISK Agency is active year-round in concert programming, producing the Polymorphism and Focus Mode series at Berghain, and curating concerts at various other local and international venues/partners.


Our current projects, and a selection of past projects, realized for clients or in collaboration with partners within the framework of the CTM Festival or DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton platforms.

Mission Statement

DISK Agency puts into service a range of skills developed from organizing Berlin’s annual CTM Festival for Adventurous Music & Art as well as through the projects and operations of the festival’s host organisation DISK Berlin. Since its inception in 1999, CTM Festival has become one of the world’s most prominent platforms for contemporary electronic and experimental music and digital culture.

With over 15 years of experience and an extensive network of partners, DISK Agency aims to further encourage the production and diffusion of experimental sound art, innovative music, and visual arts. A central axis in the independent arts scene in Berlin and internationally, DISK is also committed to sustaining its longstanding relationship with likeminded festivals, venues, concert agencies, and cultural bodies, and to nurturing likeminded local and international non-profit initiatives. 


We are interested in collaborating with forward-thinking artists, thinkers, festivals, venues, and cultural organisations from diverse sound-related fields, as well as likeminded private ventures. Contact us for more information.

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