Born In Flamez

Born in Flamez is an electronic music artist who shirks notions of identity. They subvert gender and genre with a panoply of influences somewhere in the nether regions between noise, shoegaze and club not club electronics. BIF's live shows are as tender as they are energetic. Featuring an e-drummer and hypnotic visuals the shows are engaging in futuristic experiments but have a penchant for melodic hook lines. BIF's club-oriented DJ sets, for example their notorious appearance at Berlin's infamous GEGEN party, tend towards the dark side of dance, fusing UK mutations of grime and bala with post club experiments, noise, dark step and industrial.

BIF was discovered in 2014 by Modeselektor, who featured the project on their Modeselektion series. The same year, BIF's debut EP, Polymorphous, dropped on fresh Berlin label Unreal Audio. Not much later, they were added to CTM Festival's Berlin Current initiative, and played shows at Botanique (Brussels); Berghain; Stuk Kunstcentrum (Leuven); MUTEK.MX Festival (Mexico); CTM Festival (Berlin); Moers festival (Moers); Astoria (Torino); Golden Pudel (Hamburg); Yo Sissy Festival (Berlin); Neone (Prague); Kset (Zagreb), Fusion Festival and many more.

The project developed quickly with collaborations and releases with Modeselektor, Robot Koch, Perera Elsewhere, Pixellord and post internet outlet WWWings on labels Infinite Machine, Monkeytown and Planet Mu.

2017 took off with the drop of the EP, Careful you might tear the sound, on Inifinite Machine and a remix for US cult noise metal band Health, with whom BIF also performed a couple of intense live shows.


Territory: worldwide →

→ 04.02.2018 CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
→ 23.02.2018 Sonic Acts Academy – Amsterdam, NL
→ 08.03.2018 ABC Festival – Ouagadougou, BF
→ 17.03.2018 Opera Village, BF
→ 31.03.2018 Ost Stern – Frankfurt, DE