Bao-Tran Tran aka mobilegirl grew up in Munich and has been a fairly new addition to the Berlin music scene. She connected with Staycore soon after she started making music and first caught wider attention with her remix on Dinamarca's No Hay Break Remix EP as well as her takes on R&B classics of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and TLC. In her recent cut, "GGC", mobilegirl samples Missy Elliott's "Work It" as an intro but breaks away into something resembling trance.

As a DJ, mobilegirl focuses on danceable rhythms, whether they be polyrhythmic or a 4/4 kick, and manages to blend music styles from different ends of the spectrum. In November 2016 she played her third Boiler Room show of the year at the Boiler Room Weekender in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, ranking her as the artist with the most BR appearances of 2016. She is often seen playing b2b with Mechatok, a long-time friend and labelmate. In December 2016 the artist completed her first tour in Asia. 

Over the last few months mobilegirl has been picking up pace with shows all over Europe including events such as CTM Festival, Milan Fashion Week, Distortion and Janus. In June 2017 the Berlin-based DJ & producer also completed her first NA tour with dates in New York and Toronto. mobilegirl is now set to play RBMA Weekender Zurich, Mind Over Matter and others events. The artist is also releasing her debut EP 'Poise' on November 10th 2017. 


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

→ 15.12.2017 Mind Over Matter - Antwerp, DE

Now booking for 2017 and 2018.