Perera Elsewhere

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sasha Perera who has also DJed under the name Mother Perera, became known for her role as songwriter & raging frontwoman of the bass-heavy mongrel avant-pop band Jahcoozi (Kitty Yo, Bpitch Control, Ninja Tune) which she formed with Robot Koch in the noughties. The London-born, Berlin-based artist also helped to establish a foundation of grime and dubstep in Berlin with her Grimetime parties and a radio show which started in 2004. Her earliest songs were played by BBC legend John Peel, after which she went on the collaborate with an array of artists including Modeselektor.

With her solo project, Perera Elsewhere, which she launched in 2013 on Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends, she deliberately took a step back from the club sound for which she was known and delved into a new world of 'elsewhere', this time embarking on a more minimal, semi-acoustic and abstract sonic voyage. At the time, her internet fans coined her version of haunted pop #doom_folk. 

While incorporating organic elements that seamlessly co-exist with electronic elements, she has carefully reserved space for her haunting yet soothing vocal passes. From the grit of dark club to the absorption of indigenous sounds & styles found along her travels, Perera melds her inspirations into her very own dystopian pop-tinged bliss. Her debut album, Everlast, featured Gonja Sufi on the hypnotic "Giddy", while label buddy Shlohmo remixed her horror-ballad "Light Bulb", and Hype Williams remixed Perera's utterly on point protest song "Bizarre". 

Her second Perera Elsewhere album, titled All Of This, was released in June 2017. It sees her lay her guitar to rest and exchange it for synthesizers in order to create her very own unique backdrop for her songs. The listener even hears her playing trumpet on a few tracks, the instrument she has in fact played the longest. Her development as a self-taught producer is clearly audible yet she manages to retain the raw yet sophisticated form of expression for which she has become known. Eerie ambient meets adventurous psychedelic pop, avant R&B, and experimental folk and that addresses issues such as gated communities, over-consumption,  the self-obsessive ego, the constant background noise and echo chamber of the world we live in.

As an insatiable music junkie, Perera has been collecting music since she was a kid in London. She started out making compilation tapes and overdubs using cassettes she'd bought in the market or recording stuff she heard on the radio as a child. However it was only long after she started producing her own music with Ableton that she slowly started DJing for fun at her friends' small sweaty parties in Berlin in 2007. It started as an escape from the pressures of her intense live gig schedule with Jahcoozi, with whom she toured 5 continents. She clearly still sees herself as a fan of other peoples' music and feels happy to communicate and express that.

Big on contemporary electronic music that pushes and smudges boundaries, Perera's DJ sets are known for playing various forms of cerebral bass music and hybrids of post-modern club music. They reflect her own polyrhythmic musical tendencies: 2step/ UK garage, dancemania, post-everything-step, dungeon bass, bashment, IDM, footwerk, juke, jungle and DnB and other genres even she herself hasnt heard of but simply finds and plays. With a soft spot for percussion, syncopation, rich sound textures, shifting basslines and freshness, she coaxes her audience into embarking on a journey into the world of the sounds she loves.

Both as an artist and as a curator, Sasha has participated in various collaboratory music/cultural exchange projects in places such as Kenya, Nigeria and India with the Goethe-Institut. She has given workshops on behalf Ableton and Native Instruments, has been invited as a speaker on a range of panel discussions and has even taught people in Bangladesh how to use Ableton to try and create the kind of musical world they feel to and in order to encourage self-expression. Anthropology, feminism, community, DIY and empowerment through music are all thrown together to make a small remedy to try to deal with and make sense of the world we live in.