TASO has been a member of the infamous Teklife crew since 2012 as a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer and engineer.

With collab credits on most of Teklife king (RIP) DJ Rashad’s discography, Taso was integral in the development of the original, worldwide footwork sound and continues to innovate its evolution. TASO exposes the roots of footwork through performance and production and has releases and collaborations on Hyperdub, Exit, Tempa, Deep Medi Musik, and of course Teklife Records. Teklife LP New Start was released on Dec. 16, 2016.


New Start proves that the prowess of footwork’s first family is intact, and Taso might just be the glue that holds it all together." - Pitchfork Review, 8.1

"The range on New Start and how it all ties back into the footwork ethos is most impressive." - Pop Matters