Toxe is a Swedish musican crafting some of the most stomach-churning music productions, innovative drum patterns and lovelorn melodies in the scene and somehow she always find a way to make it sound all her own. Her debut EP, Muscle Memory, was released on Staycore in October 2015. On the five tracks of this release she clashed boulder-heavy rhythms against intricate details painting a picture very human and emotional, developing a very distinctive sound.

Toxe’s horizons are very wide - she has deconstructed Britney Spears in "Xic" for Halcyon Veil and with "Still Life" (co-produced with Mechatok) she caught the atttention of KENZO who used it as a score to their FW 2016 prints presentation. On top of that, Toxe also makes her own videos and likes to work audio-visually.

The constant metamorphosis of Toxe's style from her debut Muscle Memory EP to the sound pallette of "Morning Story" shows that the artist keeps taking intuitive turns which only she really knows. Last year Toxe was tipped as a producer to watch by the likes of Noisey, FADER and Dazed. All of this finds justification in the excellent quality of her works.

After a year of high-profile events, Toxe concluded 2016 with her first ever South-American tour. 2017 saw Toxe play shows including CTM, the gucci hub in Milan, Hyperreality, Barcelona's Sónar Festival and a Club To Club show in Palermo. The Swedish experimentalist is set to perform at Todays Art and other dates including an October event at EMPAC in Troy, New York with Actress. In spring 2017 Toxe released Morning Story - a new audio visual project pressed on vinyl by London's Vinyl Factory. 



“There’s a delicacy to the DJ sets by Toxe—not a fragile delicacy, but the kind you’d associate with an Olympic rhythmic gymnast, whose twirls only seem light and graceful because of the immense muscular power behind them. “ – Aimee Cliff, The Fader 

"The Vinyl Factory present the audio from Toxe’s A/V collaboration with Niclas Hille, Morning Story - three succinct parts vaulting from the grandiose baroque miniature, Crumpled - redolent of her Determina cut off the Muscle Memory EP - to a shock of bittersweet vamps and stressed electronics in the slo-mo waltz, January Circus, culminating in the naif hardstyle fulminate of Debris Hut which sounds like it escaped from the studio floor of Arca’s Mutant session." – Boomkat


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

→ 1.09.2017 Bread & Butter - Berlin, DE
→ 22.09.2017 Todays Art - The Hague, NL
→ 20.10.2017 EMPAC - Troy, US

Now booking for 2017.