Carlos “Charlie” Juárez embarked on his lifelong musical journey sometime in 2004 – first as a bass player for grindcore outfit El Sueño Del Ranchero, then for emoviolence ensemble Arse Moreira, which would go on to sign with seminal German screamo imprint React With Protest, and finally for screamo troupe Te Lloraria un Puto Rio. He also oversaw the similarly-minded Escucha! Records between 2005 and 2010.

Charlie became enamoured with electronic music when he moved to Montreal, and founded Infinite Machine in 2011. The label has since slowly and steadily established itself as a force in the industry, making both Mixmag’s and XLR8R’s top label' lists of 2016. Infinite Machine was also profiled as February 2017’s Label of the Month by Resident Advisor, and helped propel artists such as Bwana, Liar, Troy Gunner, or Ziúr.

It is with this pedigree that Charlie pivoted into the newfound handle of Wolf (or sometimes WOLF), first enlisting Liar to co-produce his 2015 Heretic debut – a singular take on the hardcore continuum via skippy post-dubstep reinvention and crushing techno-jungle hybridization. In 2016, he released the single “Acapulco” in collaboration with Montreal producer Witnessing, along with a KABLAM Remix. Next, he collaborated with 111X on 2017’s Final Star, his first release on his own label and a brazen, genre-defining testament of the potential for pure ferocity inherent in deconstructed club.  

Wolf is working on his second collab with Liar, and always tending to his pack.


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

Now booking for 2018.