MusicMakers Hacklab

The MusicMakers Hacklab is a collaborative, improvisatory, experimental environment that invites artists, technologists and researchers in the fields of sound, image and related arts to imagine and realise new musical ideas. Conceived by Peter Kirn (CDM) and CTM Festival Berlin, the Hacklab travels to different festivals and events, mutating in response to different artistic themes, co-hosts, and participants.

The Hacklab aims to create a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange and motivation within a diverse group of participants, skilled in different fields such as wearable fabrication, video, optical lighting, dance, physical objects, biological/organic, software and electronic sound. For each Hacklab edition, a thematic open call encourages artists/performers, scientists, developers and experimenters to submit project ideas to become Hacklab Fellows. The selected Hacklab participants collaborate, learning and working with master artists and technologists, and build and develop new concepts, systems, and instruments that refer to the current theme. Their creations are subsequently presented in a final public showcase, typically on the Hacklab’s closing day. Piloted at the 2013 edition of CTM Festival, the Hacklab continues to appear at the yearly Berlin festival, and has begun to travel to partner events.

Every Hacklab is unique in its scope and content, and depends your focus and resources. The Hacklab’s scale can be adapted from a daylong lecture and workshop up to a week-long collaborative marathon such as what is held yearly at CTM Festival, or at MUTEK.MX in 2016. Specific themes can likewise be specially developed for each new context. Examples of previous themes range from imagining cross-cultural intersections between past, present and future technologies (“Future Rituals” at CTM 2016), to examining the use of biological organisms and stimuli in sound (“Tuning Machines” at CTM 2015), revisiting pioneering sound/technology work from specific times and places (“DIY Utopia” at CTM 2014), or testing possibilities of immersion in an age of sensory saturation (“Immersive Immersion” at MUTEK.MX 2016).

Certain technical conditions must be taken into consideration when wishing to arrange a Hacklab. Please see the downloadable PDF in the Downloads section to your right for further information.


Territory: worldwide → Jan Rohlf

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