CTM Presents To Roccoco Rot and Arto Lindsay @ Eletronika Festival

Tickets: 10 BRL (5 BRL students) available at the door


20:30 23:00

To Roccoco Rot
Arto Lindsay

Invited by the Eletronika Festival in Brazil, CTM is pleased to present two showcases that highlight artists that follow their own distinct paths in exploring and breaking down musical structures and forms, and that have collaboarted with CTM on numerous occations. The second of two showcases presents To Roccoco Rot and Arto Lindsay.

To Rococo Rot is a mostly post-rock trio from Berlin and Düsseldorf, Germany, made up of bassist Stefan Schneider (also of Kreidler and Mapstation) and brothers Robert Lippok (guitar, electronics) and Ronald Lippok (drums, effects). Ronald Lippok has also gained praise for his work in Tarwater. The band’s name is a palindrome as it can be spelled the same both forwards and backwards. The group's debut arrived in 1996 in the form of an untitled picture disc (subsequently reissued on CD by Kitty-Yo), with the more widely distributed „Veiculo“ (released by UK indie label City Slang) appearing the following year. In 2004 they moved to Domino Records. The trio released 5 full length albums on the label, before moving to the City Slang label for their latest release, Instrument, created together with Arto Lindsay as guest musician, in 2014.

American experimental composer, guitarist, and singer Arto Lindsay is known for his self-taught guitar style, which consists almost entirely of extended techniques (unconventional methods to obtain unusual sounds or textures). Lindsay spent most of his childhood and early adulthood in Brazil at a time of cultural experimentation and artistic cross-pollination between musican giants such as Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa and many more. The lasting impact of this exposure is seen in Lindsay’s constant reinvention betwen genres ranging from no wave (with the group DNA) to jazz (with John Zorn among others), and later to a return to Brazilian-influenced works. Lindsay’s constant search to break down genres and musical classifications has left him with  a discography as full of albums that never caught onto the mainstream as those that have found fame.

Eletronika is a yearly festival that since 1999 has as mission to bring to stage new trends in music and related arts. Brazilian avant-garde productions are supported and innovative international artists are presented to the audience at Belo Horizonte.