In Search of the Future of Radio

ORF musikprotokoll, Karmeliterplatz, Graz Map
Tickets: Free entry




What surprises does radio hold in store for us? Radio activists and artists in Graz team up with ∏-node to create a multi-dimensional radio infrastructure platform that explores the narrative, participative, and imaginary possibilities of radio through the use of both historic and new, digital technologies.

→ Open Workshop: 07.-12.10.2014
→ Performance: 09.10.2014

One of the winners of the CTM 2014 Radio Lab call for works, ∏-node have continued their work since the project's premiere showing in Berlin this past January. The latest iteration of the platform will set-up residence for the duration of the musikprotokoll festival, as a temporary social space where visitors are given free rein to their creativity. The group of local and ∏-node artists/activists will experiment with a wide range of cutting-edge and older technologies with the aim of enabling reflection on the basic historical and societal conditions of radio. ∏-node sees radio as an instrument that anyone can learn quickly and easily. The doors of the radio workshop will be open for anyone interested – and maybe you will soon be able to actively take part in the first performance.

∏-node’s experimentation will also take place as a free performance event on Thursday 09.10.2014.

∏-node was selected via 2014's “Ubiquitous Art and Sound” open call co-commission, a collaboration between Deutschlandradio Kultur – Hörspiel/Klangkunst, Goethe-Institut, ICAS, ECAS, musikprotokoll, and CTM Festival.