Polymorphism #12 x Janus

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 14 €


23:59 08:00

DJ Hvad
Jam City
Total Freedom

CTM teams up with Berlin’s Janus club night to showcase a night of  radical music possibilities, pushing forward a sound that’s allusive, unabashedly forward, and hyper-new.

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Janus is a Berlin-based club night and label founded by Dan DeNorch and Michael Ladner in 2012. Making their own context and encouraging a new audience with line-ups chiefly populated by Fade To Mind and GHE20 G0TH1K-affiliated artists, Janus brought an unlikely but welcome new dimension to Berlin nightlife. The night touches on a remarkable network of underground musicians who have been combining fragments of pop with epic textures and violent sound effects.

Often showing a strong involvement in graphic and visual arts, these artists work within the framework of avant-garde sample collage to explore a world that is both stark and violent, and illuminated by a post-digital high-tech gaming aesthetic to reach cinematic proportions.

Janus residents and Berlin Current members M.E.S.H., Lotic, and KABLAM are joined by TCF, an artist who also recently connected to the Berlin Current community and who produces lush and sprawling gravity-free compositions of breathtakingly frenetic control.

A very special appearance also brings to the fold the glitch-dream ballads of Boychild, an artist that navigates the worlds of art, music, and performance, who has toured with Mykki Blanco, and created waves in fashion through to contemporary art scenes. The visionary gender-less, almost non-human persona captivates audiences with a raw, disquietingly touching-to-the-point-of-intrusive presence.

The night continues with the hyperactive, neo-tribal ghetto experiments of DJ Hvad, the unusual drum sounds and angular synths of Night Slugs member Jam City, and Fade to Mind affiliate Total Freedom, known for his ability to imbue R&B with a certain sense of horror.

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