Elektroakustischer Salon: Streams

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 23 €


20:00 23:55

Irmler + Liebezeit
Tenors of Kalma
Gut Und Irmler
Guido Möbius, DJ

kThis concert combines two groups that dance on the fringe of electronics, combining jazz, krautrock, improvisation, and a continual search for new forms of musical argumentation and expression.

A special energy is released through the clash between Hans-Joachim Irmler, one of Krautrock’s main driving forces ever since his work with Faust, and his sparring partner Jaki Liebezeit, the living legend from Can whose unrivalled hypnotic drumming has earned him a reputation as one of the most avant-garde percussionists, and as a "human drum machine". Having performed together over numerous years, Jochen + Irmler appear in support of FLUT (Klangbad, 2014), a hypnotic maelstrom of an album that was recorded over three consecutive days of noon-to-night sessions in July 2013.

Irmler also appears with Gudrun Gut as Gut Und Irmler, in an unexpected combination that merges the best of their two worlds – Irmler’s Krautrock influence of limitless exploration and the structured techno discipline of Gut. The duo’s first collaborative album, 500m, is out this September.

Hans-Joachim Irmler began experimenting with sound-generating technology at an early age. In 1969, he moved to Hamburg, where he was drawn into a collective of musicians and filmmakers that would become known as Faust. Their eponymous 1971 featured electronically generated and distorted sounds and arguably constituted the most far-out album ever released on a major label. Irmler went on to form his own label, Klangbad, launched the internationally acclaimed Klangbad Festival, and has continued to release solo and collaborative work with the likes of Alfred 23 Harth, Z’ev, Christian Wolfarth and Lucas Niggly, Franz Hautzinger, and FM Einheit.

Master drummer Jaki Liebezeit spent the early part of his Career in Barcelona playing jazz with Chet Baker amongst others as well as studying flamenco and arabic music. In 1968 he became a member of the Legendary Can, one of the most influential bands of all time, which helped to define what has become known as Krautrock. Since Can´s last performance in 1977, Jaki Liebezeit has worked with numerous international artists and developed his own projects. Liebzeit also regularly performs and collaborates with Burnt Friedman, with whom he has released over five albums since 2002.

Gudrun Gut first came to prominence in the early eighties as part of a scene dubbed by the media as “ingenious dilettantes”. She was a member of Mania D and 80s all-female art rock bands Malaria! and Matador. She has scored films, videos, and radio plays, co-presents weekly radio broadcast Oceanclub together with Thomas Fehlmann, and is the founder and owner of the labels Monika Enterprise and Moabit Music. Her most recent music release, Wildlife (2012) follows her 2007 debut solo album, I Put a Record On, and a collaboration with Antye Greie for BBC Late Junction, Baustelle.

Tenors of Kalma is a new project by seminal finnish maverick Jimi Tenor on saxophone, guitarist Kalle Kalima, and drummer Joonas Riipa. A powerful trio to explore what they describe as electropsychedelic jazztrance.

Finnish ideosyncratic artist Jimi Tenor has released solo albums on labels such as Warp Records, Kitty-Yo, and Säkhö Recordings. He runs the Sähko sublabel Puu.

Experimental guitarist Kalle Kalima has performed with an impressive cast of musicians including Jazzanova, Anthony Braxton, Tony Allan, Jason Moran and more. He was awarded the 2012 EMMA Finnish Grammy award for best jazz album with his band K-18.

Known for his energetic drumming style, Joonas Riippa is recognised as one of Finnland’s premiere percussionists, working with renowned Finnish jazz musicians such as Mikko Innanen, Verneri Pohjola, Teemu Viinikainen and others.

Opening and intermedium tunes will be provided by Guido Möbius on turntables.