Krasnoyarsk: 11-12 September 2015
Novosibirsk: 14 - 20 September 2015



We are very pleased to announce the lineup for our first Siberian edition, the result of a collaboration with the Goethe Institut Novosibirsk and local partners, which will take place in September. Through concerts, club nights, artistic interventions,and daytime talks and workshops, artists from Siberia, Russia, and Germany will present their music to the region’s public while also spotlighting the region’s own artistic community internationally.

For details and for an extensive timetable, see our CTM Siberia website.


Andrey Smirnov [RU] / Appleyard [RU] / Buttechno [RU] / Byetone [DE] / Chekhov [RU] / Dasha Rush [RU/DE] / DJ 1985 [RU] / Dyad & The Sleepers Club [RU] / Electric Indigo [AT] / Ferrein [RU] / Foresteppe [RU] / Graw Böckler [DE] / Helena Hauff [DE] / HMOT & Roman Stolyar [RU] / Huun-Huur-Tu [RU] / Kathy Alberici & Federico Nitti [INT] / KP Transmission [RU] / Lorenzo Senni [IT] / Love Cult [RU] / Low Jack [FR] / Mårble [RU] / Module Werk [RU] / Mujuice [RU] / Nikita Bugaev [RU] / Opium Hum [DE] / Rabih Beaini & Daniele De Santis [INT] / Robert Henke presents “Lumière II” [DE] / Soundwalk Collective [INT] / Space Holiday Rocks [RU] / VJ Alex Skye [RU] / VJ Haust [RU] / Voronmrak [RU] / Wheel [RU]

CTM Siberia X Boiler Room

For those who can not make it to join us in Siberia, we have teamed-up with Boiler Room to broadcast live and DJ sets of some of Siberia's finest electronic musicians on Saturday September 12, 16 – 20:00 CET from Krasnoyarsk's UIClub. The event headlines Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis, a Lebanese-born producer whose range of influences from krautrock to new wave to folk music seep into his inventive, dark, and emotional productions as well as into the trajectory of his Morphine label. Russian band Love Cult bring their unique sonic signature of cut-up vocals, throbbing bass, mangled drum machines, noise injections, and decomposed Russian TV and VHS samples to the bill, which also includes local artist, Klammklang label head and CTM Siberia co-curator HMOT, and local acts Wheel and Appleyard.

Those who happen to be in Kransoyarsk can RSVP for free, and those far away  tune-in via the Boiler Room website.