Guts over Fear

Silent Green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin Map
Tickets: 18 € via Eventbrite


19:30 23:00

Mouse on Mars feat. Thomas Mahmoud-Zahl, Lucrecia Dalt, PC Nackt, musicians of Stegreif Orchester, Tula, Transistors of Mercy

CTM Festival, Ask Helmut, BLN.FM and NBHAP have asked this evening's performing artists, including Mouse on Mars and Lucrecia Dalt, to score film material from celebrated director and activist Christoph Schlingensief on the occasion of the 5-year anniversary of his death. The five artist performances range from 20-30 minutes each and were especially created as accompaniments to mostly unpublished footage. An old crematory in the Kuppelhalle, a silent green Kulturquartier in Wedding, provides an unusual location for the event.

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Christoph Schlingensief began his artistic trajectory as an underground filmmaker, but when he died in 2010 he left behind a wide-ranging and impressive career as a theatre, opera, and film director, artist, actor, and author. His myriad accomplishments included anti-establishment performance art, irreverent sculpture projects, slapstick television programmes, feature films including his “German Trilogy”, and a staging of Wagner’s Parsifal for the Bayreuth festival. He has been lauded as one of the most important and subversive German voices of his generation.

Since emerging in the early 1990s, Mouse on Mars has been on a perpetual course of reinvention, indulging in complex, heavily hybridized forms that include everything from ambient, techno, and dub to rock, and post-rock. They’ve taken electronica to new levels with fragmented melodies and an aversion to what’s expected. Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian producer and pop surrealist who deals in restless, cerebral electronics. Trained as a civil engineer with a specialty in geotechnics, Dalt's productions chart the motion of geologic time in fits and bursts, lucidly rendering tensions and disturbance through a combination of acoustic and electronic sound, sampling, and traditional songwriting. Other performers include PC NACKT, an artist, composer, musician, producer and one half of WarrenSuicide; noisesmith Thomas Mahmoud-Zahl; the Swedish electronic pop quintet Tula; the “shark wave” improv and experimental project Transistors of Mercy; and the adventurous intuitors of the Stegreif Orchester