Technosphärenklänge #2 – Lectures

Haus der Kulturen der Welt , John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entrance


18:00 22:00

Lectures by and talks with Andrey Smirnov, John Chowning and Holly Herndon, gamut inc, Marcus Schmickler and Peter Kirn

Ever since Pythagoras’s monochord experiments, mathematics have radically expanded our understanding of and the possibilities for producing and experiencing sound. At the same time music has a particularly intense effect when it exhibits qualities that are mathematically unpredictable. The second edition of Technosphärenklänge takes a look at the electrifying interconnections of music, mathematics and technology.

Following the concert night on April 21, the artists return to HKW for a session of talks & presentations surrounding their artistic research and practice:

Lecture: gamut inc "Archeology of Sound"

Lecture: Andrey Smirnov "Rhythm 'n' Light. The Story of Leon Theremin’s Rhythmicon (aka Polyrhythmophone) and Beyond"

Talk: John Chowning in conversation with Holly Herndon

Talk with Marcus Schmickler hosted by Peter Kirn of CDM – Create Digital Music.

The Technosphärenklänge (Sounds of the Technosphere) concert series aims to explore current practices in sound and music as an element and expression of the technosphere – the quasi autonomous entity that is the sum of operational and technical processes and infrastructures around the globe, and whose conflicted interaction with natural planetary proceses characterises the Earth’s current geological time, dubbed the Anthropocene. Developed in close collaboration between HKW and CTM Festival, the series is scheduled to take place at irregular intervals until 2018.


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