Polymorphism x Different Circles

Berghain Säule, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin Map
Tickets: 12€ at the door only


22:00 01:00

Mumdance & Logos
Rian Treanor
Conor Thomas
Anastasia Kristensen

Formed in 2014 by London grime proponents Mumdance and Logos, the Different Circles label aims to throw classic grime, techno and sound design tropes into ever new configurations. The two label heads have shaped the programme for the next Polymorphism night, appearing together with musical friends and peers that are operating on the grimmer and darker fringe of modern electronic music: Rian Treanor, Conor Thomas, and Anastasia Kristensen.

Aside from their collaborations, which include the influential Proto album on Tectonic, both Mumdance and Logos have been honing steady solo careers. Mumdance has become one of the biggest names in the world of grime since reinventing his sound, while Logos forms one quarter of the crew who promote the Boxed night, which has emerged in 2013 to lead the charge for forward thinking instrumental grime amongst an emerging worldwide group of producers and DJs. We’re delighted to host both artists again, following the premiere of their live show with Shapednoise, titled "The Sprawl", at CTM 2015’s closing concert. 

Drawing upon his study with Lupo at Berlin's Dubplates & Mastering, plus years spent curating the Enjoy artspace in Leeds, Rian Treanor's sound uses off centred rhythmic arrangements, referencing the dynamics of garage and techno as much as Fluxus and Dada cut-ups. Both of Treanor’s acclaimed releases have been published via The Death of Rave label, co-run by Conor Thomas, an inquisitive listener and versatile DJ that also co-runs Boomkat Editions.

A resident at Copenhagen club Culture Box, Anastasia Kristensen delivers stellar high voltage DJ sets. Starting with tone as the foundation, she weaves a web that incorporates barreling breaks, blistering techno and buoyant electro in scintillating fashion. With recent mixes on Mixmag and Red Bull as well as releases forthcoming in the year, Anastasia is determined to leap farther into the sonic spectrum of underground music by never staying in one lane.