CTM x Neu x A Better Version of 人

Tickets: 120 CNY


19:00 23:00

Marco Donnarumma, Gooooose, Shao, Wang Meng

CTM travels to Beijing to support a double opening of NEU - China’s first International Future Festival, and the Goethe-Institut’s “A Better Version of 人” project. In collaboration with venue UCCA, the partners present Chinese and Berlin-based artists working on the cutting edge of music, art, and technology.

Appearing for the first time in China, CTM alumnus Marco Donnaruma will present “Corpus Nil”, a ritual of birth for a modified body. The tense and sensual choreography between a human performer and an artificially intelligent machine explodes through sound and light.

Chinese artists Shao and Wang Meng will follow up with one of their rare audiovisual performances, merging Shao’s moody teutonic-technoid soundsculptures with Wang Meng’s brilliant, brooding visual artistry. Compatriot Gooooose performs a special audiovisual set created especially for this night.

About NEU

NEU is China’s First International Future Festival. In a two day extravaganza, NEU brings together bold minds from technology and science, music, the visual arts, film-making and media to explore the opportunities and challenges of our near and far future.
The inaugural NEU Festival was held 2016 in Berlin, together with the Tech Open Air (TOA) event, Europe’s leading Technology Festival. Over 1000 participated in NEU's discussions and forums and attended the legendary NEU China Night at Ritter Butzke. With a mix of lectures, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and club events, the NEU Future Festival will now inaugurate its Beijing actives on 25-26 August 2017, within some of the best venues in the Chinese capital city (CHAO, Migas & UCCA).


About A Better Version of 人

Technology makes our daily lives more convenient in many different ways. But it also takes away the potentials for action that used to exist only in the physical, human domain. “A Better Version of人” asks how these technologies determine our actions, and to what extent it is gaining agency in its own right. During its opening weekend, the Goethe-Institut will take a deeper look at “Who is playing the music” and ask how algorithms might take over the creative role of the human composer and musician. “A Better Version of 人” is a joint project by the Goethe-Institut in China, South Korea, and Japan. Over the course of one year experts, performers and artists will be invited to open up different dialogues in different settings, including a highlight exhibition on technology and human sovereignty.



Presented by NEU, CTM, Goethe-Institut China and Fake Music Media.