Berlin Current x CTM

ACUD Macht Neu, Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entry


21:00 03:00

Perera Elsewhere, Mechatok, Linnéa (DJ)

Since 2013 CTM Festival’s Berlin Current initiative puts an ear to the city’s growing diversity of sound and showcases the next generation of adventurous musicians and producers at the intersections of leftfield pop, new hybrid club styles and experimental electronica. Evolving without attachment to notions of fixed geographical identity, the initiative supports a fluctuating group of Berlin-based musicians through commissions, gigs and showcases in Berlin and abroad in order to nurture a fluid panoply of musical voices in Berlin.

Be they new to the city or longtime residents, these diverse musicians all contribute to moments in time in a city in flux. This Berlin Current night at ACUD MACHT NEU, a collective art space that also hosts CTM’s office, brings together a kaleidoscopic array of adventurous Berlin sound, showcasing the imaginary. avant-garde folk of Perera Elsewhere, the fragile yet blissful pop/club hybrids of Mechatok, who will present his first ever live set, and the free roaming DJing of Linnéa.

The event is organised within the context of a group of visiting music professionals, invited to Berlin by Initiative Musik. Artists and the general public alike are invited to join, meet the delegates, and enjoy the programme.