DISK Welcomes FAKA

Johannesburg performance art collective FAKA was established in 2015 by Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The artists explore a combination of mediums ranging from sound, live performance, video and photography, to create an eclectic aesthetic with which they express their ideas about themes central to their experience as black queer bodies navigating the cis-hetero-topia of post-colonial Africa. In 2016 the duo’s debut EP Bottoms Revenge, a collection of Ancestral Gqom-Gospel sounds, was released by NON Worldwide. In October 2017, FAKA released their much anticipated sophomore EP titled Amaqhawe, a three track offering that “explores the intricacies of love and romance within the black queer experience, with songs touching on everything from self-love, unrequited love, childhood love and transactional love.”

NAKED join DISK Agency

We're excited to welcome NAKED at DISK Agency. Agnes Gryczkowska and Alexander Johnston are a London-based duo engaging with noise, industrial, experimental and extreme forms of electronic music. Their new EP— Total Power Exchange — released October 6th on Halcyon Veil, uses the sounds of sex, vomit and noise to create a heavy, spine-crushing noise hybrid with Salò-birthed vocals. NAKED recently performed at Krakow's UNSOUND and in London for Serpentine Galleries. They play Cafe OTO on Nov 10th. More dates soon! 

DISK Welcomes Swan Meat

Informed by her experience with chronic illness & body dysmorphia, Swan Meat's work pairs pairs a carnivalesque assemblage of spoken word pieces with jarring, arrhythmic industrial and ambient compositions. Premiered on Thump and listed as one of Mixmag’s best club/bass releases of the month, her debut EP, Bounty (PERMALNK,) was followed by the Knife Splits Ice EP and the dense and sprawling "Tame" single for Bala Club.

DISK Welcomes Jana Rush

Called “One of footwork’s most exciting breakthrough artists” (Resident Advisor), the Chicago-born and raised Jana Rush has re-entered the scene with 2016's MPC 7635 EP, released on Objects Ltd., and soon after kicked-off the imprint’s 2017 year with her debut album Pariah, which has been called “the footwork album of the year” by Mixmag and chosen as one of The Quietus’ Albums of the Month in July.

DJ/rupture – Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner

The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner is conceived for twin pianos, live electronics, and voice. This exhilarating sonic exploration led by Jace Clayton, a.k.a. DJ /rupture, brings fresh insight to the artistic legacy of Julius Eastman, the mercurial gay African American composer who mixed canny minimalist innovation with head-on political provocation. The project is available during its winter 2018 tour and beyond.

50 Years Silver Apples of the Moon

Morton Subotnick, Lillevan, and Alec Empire perform "From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulphur, Revisited". Subotnick revisits his seminal Silver Apples of the Moon album, followed by musical elements from Sidewinder, Until Spring, Cloudless Sulphur, and Crowds and Power. At times, Subotnick plays solo then turns it over to Alec Empire, who follows with his own revisitation; at other times the two musicians play together. Lillevan creates stunning visual imagery throughout. Now booking for 2017 / 2018.

DISK Welcomes Celestial Trax

Dividing his time between Brooklyn and Europe, Celestial Trax creates a mixture of ceremonious, psychedelic, and heavy hitting sounds. After releasing two EPs with NYC's Purple Tape Pedigree and a trilogy of EPs for Rinse, his debut full-length, Nothing Is Real (PTP, 2017), is an arresting evolution from his previous work.

Upcoming Shows

→ 16.06.2018 Sonar Festival – Barcelona, ES

→ 04.02.2018 CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
→ 08.02.2018 Palace – St Gallen, CH
→ 09.02.2018 Festival Antigel – Geneva, CH
→ 10.02.2018 Kaserne – Basel, CH
→ 06.04.2018 BRDCST Festival – Brussels, BE
→ 07.04.2018 Rewire Festival – The Hague, NL
→ 04.05.2018 Donaufestival – Krems, AT
→ 05.05.2018 Noise Signal Silence – Munich, DE
→ 10.05.2018 Galeria ZDB – Lisbon, PT
→ 19.05.2018 Click Festival – Helsingör, DK
→ 25.05.2018 Hyperreality – Vienna, AT
→ 26.05.2018 May Events – Gent, BE
→ 01.06.2018 Electrician Street – Gdansk, PL
→ 09.06.2018 Clandestino Festival – Gothenburg, SE
→ 23.06.2018 Supersonic Festival - Birmingham, UK
→ 07.07.2018 Skankaloss Festival – Gagnef, SE
→ 13.07.2018 Melt! Festival – Gräfenhainichen, DE
→ 14.07.2018 Santarcangelo Festival – Santarcangelo, IT

→ 17.02.2018 Under Bron – Stockholm, SE
→ 28.04.2018 Intonal Festival – Malmö, SE

→ 27.01.2018 Post Club – Madrid, DE
→ 03.02.2018 CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
→ 10.02.2018 Under Bron – Stockholm, SE
→ 16.02.2018 Oscillate Wildly @ Corsica – London, UK
→ 17.02.2018 Oceanen – Gothenburg, SE

→ 02.02.2018 CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
→ 13.04.2018 Cakeshop – Seoul, KR
→ 20.04.2018 Dada Bar – Beijing, CR
→ 21.04.2018 ALL – Shanghai, CR

→ 20.01.2018 Kunsthalle Fribourg – Fribourg, CH
→ 02.02.2018 CTM Festival – Berlin, DE
→ 03.02.2018 HdKdW – Berlin, DE
→ 10.02.2018 Roverstaden – Oslo, NO
→ 02.03.2018 Tape – Aarhus, DK
→ 17.03.2018 Beursschouwburg – Brussels, BE
→ 26.05.2018 Hyperreality – Vienna, AT

→ 27.01.2018 Crispy – Venice, IT
→ 19.05.2018 Click Festival – Helsingör, DK

→ 23.03.2018 Los Ninos – Brussels, BE
→ 24.03.2018 Sala Razzmatazz – Barcelona, ES
→ 31.03.2018 BÄM! – Tallinn, EE
→ 06.04.2018 Blaa – Oslo, NO
→ 25.05.2018 Hyperreality – Vienna, AT

→ 2.02.2018 - HKW - Berlin, DE

→ 27.01.2018 - Attack - Zagreb, HR
→ 31.03.2018 - Progress Bar - Amsterdam, NL
→ 19.05.2018 - ZODIAK - Brussels, BE

→ 19.01.2018 - Carhartt WIP Store - Berlin, DE
→ 19.05.2018 - ZODIAK - Brussels, BE

→ 31.01.2018 CTM Festival - Berlin, DE
→ 04.04.2018 Mirage Festival - Lyon, FR
→ 08.04.2018 Rewire Festival - The Hague, NL
→ 11.04.2018 Zé dos Bois - Lisbon, PT
→ 13.04.2018 Teatro Rivoli - Porto, PT
→ 27.04.2018 Intonal Festival - Malmö, SE
→ 28.04.2018 Tape - Aarhus, DK
→ 04.05.2018 Tarcento Jazz - Udine, IT
→ 05.05.2018 Donaufestival - Krems, AT
→ 02.06.2018 Bad Bonn Kilbi - Dudingen, CH

→ 27.1.2018 Club Ost - Berlin, DE
→ 12.5.2018 p.m.k. - Innsbruck, AT

→ 12.05.2018 Sala Razzmatazz – Barcelona, ES

RABIT • Live AV (w/ Cecilia)
→ 28.04.2018 L.E.V. Festival – Gijon, ES
→ 18.05.2018 Tape – Aarhus, DK
→ 19.05.2018 Click Festival – Helsingör, DK

SOTE • Solo
→ 9.02.2018 Cinema Galleries – Brussels, BE

→ 9.02.2018 TBA - Berlin, DE
→ 10.02.2018 KOSO Club - Oslo, NO

→ 1.02.2018 Berghain - Berlin, DE
→ 23.02.2018 Progress Bar - Amsterdam, NL

Consulting & Opperative Support

DISK has a proven track record in the organization of art, music, and media events, from concept design, planning, and finance, to operations, production, and communications and PR. We draw on extensive local and international networks as well as solid contacts in the cultural policy sector to promote groundbreaking art and music in combination with pioneering interdisciplinary discourse on their social and cultural impact. We would gladly deploy these diverse skills to realise projects on behalf of, or in close cooperation with likeminded partners.


From concerts and showcases, passing through conferences and publications, exhibitions and installations, site-specific art interventions, and multilateral co-operations, DISK holds over fifteen years of experience in developing projects that combine sound and a myriad of art forms and related fields. We actively seek to develop new projects and collaborations through commissioned work, unusual artistic pairings, new event formats, and any other artistic vision that relates to adventurous art.

Artist Booking

Representing individual artists as well as several of our own projects, we aim to promote adventurous music and multidisciplinary arts with forward-thinking institutions and partners around the world.

Promotion & PR

Communications and Public Relations for events and new releases, tailored to local national or international media representatives and audiences.

Year-Round Concerts

DISK Agency is active year-round in concert programming, producing the Polymorphism and Focus Mode series at Berghain, and curating concerts at various other local and international venues/partners.


Our current projects, and a selection of past projects, realized for clients or in collaboration with partners within the framework of the CTM Festival or DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton platforms.

Mission Statement

DISK Agency puts into service a range of skills developed from organizing Berlin’s annual CTM Festival for Adventurous Music & Art as well as through the projects and operations of the festival’s host organisation DISK Berlin. Since its inception in 1999, CTM Festival has become one of the world’s most prominent platforms for contemporary electronic and experimental music and digital culture.

With over 18 years of experience and an extensive network of partners, DISK Agency aims to further encourage the production and diffusion of experimental sound art, innovative music, and visual arts. A central axis in the independent arts scene in Berlin and internationally, DISK is also committed to sustaining its longstanding relationship with likeminded festivals, venues, concert agencies, and cultural bodies, and to nurturing likeminded local and international non-profit initiatives. 


We are interested in collaborating with forward-thinking artists, thinkers, festivals, venues, and cultural organisations from diverse sound-related fields, as well as likeminded private ventures. Contact us for more information.

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