OZmotic & Fennesz – AirEffect

Album PR

"AirEffect", the collaboration between renowned electronic musician and guitarist Christian Fennesz and Turin based duo OZmotic, is a highly imaginative flow of electronic and instrumental music mixed with sounds collected from urban and natural sources to explore a speculative post-anthropocene scenario. The album will be released on 12 June 2015 on the Folk Wisdom / Interbang label. DISK Agency provides PR for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

AirEfect | The Concept

The discovery of a "black box" lost in the Anthropocene era brings back to life extinct sounds, images of places in the middle of nowhere, voices of daily life, and excerpts of conversations. The experience of an observer, who from an indeterminate future finds evidence of a multimedia human kind, develops along the trails which it leaves behind itself through multiple different supports and codes. The postmodern human kind is laid bare by apparently disconnected flashbacks which reveal the inappropriateness of a technologically advanced human species, yet one unable to live with itself and with the world hosting it. Primordial instincts and feelings seem to be the only possible support to avoid decadency. Intellect, technology and complex socio-economic structures, unsuitable to integrate with nature, are unable to carry out the task of maintaining the balance of the planet.

AirEffect | The Disc

AirEffect is a real and highly imaginative flow of sounds made up of tone research and electronic background, where musicians bring the audience to unexpected and usual places. It develops in structured scenes, each of which is part of a descriptive process evolving without interruptions. The artistic journey by the musicians is brought to life through AirEffect where jazz is assimilated into pure experimental music and typical electronic sounds. Everything is blended into an artistic mixture which goes beyond common beauty standards and the predetermined characterizations, recalling, at the same time, ancient rhythmic traditions and hypnotic themes typical of contemporary electronic music.

AirEffect | Soundscapes

Environmental sounds used within AirEffect have been collected in the province of Turin as part of a project called Paesaggi Sonori. They include both sounds of urban origin, such as the tram passing in the city captured from the deep waters of the river Po, the voices of the Porta Palazzo market or the noises inside Turin’s underground, and sounds of nature, such as grape must fermenting or great summers storms. AirEffect inserts those sounds and noises inside the creative flow generating lunar landscapes of sound, paradoxes, and contrasts.

Christian Fennesz

AirEffect’s dreamlike world is enhanced thanks to the collaboration with one of the icons of electronic music: Christian Fennesz. The sparks of sound with which Fennesz colors the flow of this multifaceted project expand the musical environment in which players can move. Its minimalist vision shapes the frenetic or greatly dilated paces of AirEffect and weaves the net that allows one to lay concrete sounds on a soft, deep background.


OZmotic is an instrumental and electronic music duo based in Turin (Italy). Composed by Stanislao Lesnoj (saxophone, electronics) and SmZ (percussion, electronics, sound design), the duo is inspired by contemporary classical and ambient music, mixing soundscapes and concrete music with glitch, IDM, noise and jazz, to create a sonority characterized by a deep variety of timbres and refined rhythmic research.


"If the Anthropocene really does exist, then “AirEffect” is an archaeological search for traces of the post-Anthropocene, giving us a glimpse into the here and now."
→ Andreas Walker, Wiener Zeitung (in German)

"AirEffect is music against time, a black box that captures, conserves, and spits-out the sounds of a new era."
→ Stefan Niederwieser, The Gap (in German)

"OZmotic & Christian Fennesz strongly rely on vocal samples to accent the field recordings and saxophone elegies that make-up “AirEffect”, a “time-capsule” of an album that transports listeners into an acoustic impression of the Anthropocene. Very atmospheric, very crisp and invigourating, and not even remotely boring."
→ Westzeit (in German)


→ 12 June 2015