Polyglot performer, vocalist, DJ, rapper, and producer Angel-Ho first started making waves as one of NON’s co-founders, alongside Chino Amobi and Nkisi. With releases such as Ascension (Halcyon Veil) and Red Devil (NON) under her belt, she shared her “debut proper,” Death Becomes Her, in 2019 via Hyperdub.

Amping up Angel-Ho's practice tenfold, Death Becomes Her sees the artist fully inhabit varied roles, from performer and producer to lyricist and collaborator. She draws on the work of icons such as Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott, and even Kanye West, to churn out an ambitious, amorphous neo-pop record. Melding pop conventions and frameworks to a point that teeters on chaos and dissonance, Angel-Ho reveals a dramatic sound world that is psychedelic, grand, and commanding.

Alongside collaborators such as Nunu, Gaika, Asmara Maroof (from Nguzunguzu), and Baby Caramel, Angel-Ho challenges various genre and media conventions. Together, these adventurous, diasporic producers create restless rhythms that house her debut as a vocalist. Angel-Ho takes on love, sex, fantasy, identity, and struggle. Guest MCs such as K-$, Qweezy, and K-Rizz reflect an ardent, energetic take on queering through sound.

In her own words, Angel-Ho describes Death Becomes Her as an act of “assuming rather than transforming because transformation feels as if something is being left behind, when in fact my identity is in assuming my trans goddess.” She carves out and fully inhabits a unique space through her particular take on contemporary pop. Sassy and celebratory, Angel-Ho’s debut album is simultaneously reminiscent of Grace Jones and Björk.