With only a handful of self-released EPs and a viral video for her track, "Rules", Tennessee native Bbymutha has already captured the hearts of a hardcore fan base.

Working with producers such as SuicideyearLSDXOXO, and London’s God Colony, her sound is as genre-defying as her lyrics are woman-positive. In the Bbymutha universe (a.k.a., The Mutha Land), women are allowed to be (if not downright celebrated for being) sexual, vulgar, ambitious, and savvy. She's also turned a lifestyle society might deem unwise—being a self-professed stay-at-home-mom-of 2 sets of twins who earns her living as an artist—into a veritable goal. By her very existence, Bbymutha is a champion of the people without ever having to say so.

Following a stellar series of self-released mixtapes, Bbymutha's 2018 standout EP Muthaz Day 3 sees her joining a new wave of underground female rappers, such as Noname, CupcakKe, Tierra Whack and Rico Nasty, challenging a still male dominated genre with genuine swagger.

And while Bbymutha fits into Southern rap’s legacy of originality via a refusal to conform to any coastal trends, choosing instead respective local flairs for self-expression, it is her non-apologetic attitude and her slow, icy-cool Chattanooga drawl that give her a artistic voice all her own.

What the Press Has to Say...

"Bbymutha is leading the pack for the next generation of southern rap artists."
– Vibe

"MD3 finds her sharpening her many talents down to a fine point, crafting an eerie, distinctly Bbymutha-flavored world."
– Pitchfork