DJ Earl

DJ Earl entered the musical world in 2005 by means of dance battles. He participates local parties in rollerskating rinks, building up his unfailing knowledge of this culture. 

In 2008 he meet DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad—a sudden trigger that led him to produce his own footwork tracks and join the Ghetto Teknitianz beside Spinn, Rashad, Traxman, and many others soon thereafter.

DJ Earl represents the new generation of Chicago’s sound, occupying a space between jazz and funk tunes, devilish synthesizers, unstructured hip hop samples, heavy sub basses, and mesmerizing snares. With releases on prestigious record labels such as Hyperdub & Planet Mu, and appearances at Boiler Room & Fabric London, there's no telling what's in store for the future.

DJ Earl's latest release Open Your Eyes, crafted alongside Daniel Lopatin (also known as Oneohtrix Point Never), was released in August 2016 on Teklife. This was followed by an extensive EU tour, which included shows at TodaysArt Festival, Up To Date Festival, Transient Festival, Unsound Festival, Keroxen Festival, Elevate Festival, and Amsterdam Dance Event.



"As loyal as the Chicago-rooted DJ Earl is towards the TEKLIFE crew, his sets place him a little way apart. While discreet inferences of classic juke and booty music link back to the movement’s founders such as RP Boo and DJ Spinn, Earl’s sets embody the generational mutations led by contemporary footwork artists; many of whom have gifted the scene with a greater breadth of sonic influences. The zeal of his track selections – habitually accelerating beyond 160 BPM and sustained over two hour slots – marries perfectly with the dance crews that accompany him on tours. An evolutionary experience." Crack MagazineThe 50 Most Exciting DJs in the World (Right Now) • 2017

"On his first album for Teklife, DJ Earl proposes a vision of footwork that's both bumblebee nimble and heavy as a Mack truck. What makes Open Your Eyes so thrilling isn’t just the 808 programming, though his devilishly syncopated rhythms snap with the precision of very expensive robotics; it's the richly colored, keenly textured synths and samples that fill every corner of this deliriously detailed album." - Pitchfork • The 20 Best Electronic Albums of 2016

"Back in February, DJ Earl revealed he was working on a project with contributions from high profile experimentalist Oneohtrix Point Never. While the news came as a pleasant surprise, the collaboration made total sense. Open Your Eyes was an adventure in sonics, melody and rhythm for which Earl moved away from footwork’s traditionally masculine spirit towards jazzier and more ambient moods. Once you pressed play, it felt like anything was possible." - Crack Magazine • Best Albums of the Year 2016

"In 2011, DJ Rashad "easily destroyed" a dance floor at Unsound. Last Thursday, DJ Earl did much the seemed just about anything could be thrown into the footwork blender and come out the other end a searing 160 BPM banger.The crowd, rather than trying to keep up, jiggled madly and surged back and forth, at times as if on the brink of a mosh pit. "Chicago footwork at its finest!!" the MC barked. While I wondered how this scene compared to their parties back home, in that moment it was easy to believe." - Resident Advisor • Unsound 2016: Five key performances 

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