DJ Haram

DJ Haram is a producer and DJ from New Jersey, currently based in Philadelphia. Stylistically versatile, she throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets but has been also known to pay homage to her roots in the tradition of Middle Eastern dance music and of DIY noise and experimental sound.

Haram (along with Moor Mother) is 1/2 of the noise/rap group 700 Bliss, who just released their debut EP “Spa 700.” In spring 2017 Haram composed an original score for the debut tour of Richard Siegal’s Munich-based modern dance company “Ballet of Difference.” Dj Haram participated in RBMA Bass Camp in summer 2017. While in Philly Haram curates a few nights; a legal fundraiser party series (f)LAWLESS, a monthly live/DIY hip hop night ‘Gas’, and a monthly radio program RAGE RADIO on RINSE FM London.

The Discwoman affiliate is a frequent visitor in Europe, having played events including Unsound Festival, Sonic Acts, Borealis, Creamcake and Hyperreality. Now booking dates for DJ Haram in early September, early November this year and late January 2019. 


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

→ 7.09.2018 - Mestiço & BAS - Warsaw, PL
→ 8.09.2018 - OK Night 2018 - Linz, AT
→ 10.11.2018 - Le Guess Who?  - Utrecht, NL

Now booking for 2018.