Photo by James Pearson Howes

Endgame is a London-based producer and DJ, Bala Club co-founder, Hyperdub signee, and NTS mainstay. Pioneering a slowed and fractured sound, that combines corrosive melodies with artillery like percussion. With distorted fragments of grime, dancehall, tarraxo, metal and drill, contorted into a sound that is unmistakable his own.

His most recent LP, Consumed (2017), saw him return to Bala Club to release some of his most arresting and challenging work, featuring some of the most exciting vocalists from the London underground. With Organ Tapes, Yayoyanoh, Uli-k, Blaze Kidd and Rulez taking his dark ominous melodies and club shattering drums to a more vulnerable and reflective space.

In 2016 he released his seminal EP Flesh on legendary London label Hyperdub to critical acclaim. Previous to this he released the iconic EP Savage (2016) on cult New York label PTP, and his debut Endgame (2015) on Lisbon based experimental dance imprint Golden Mist, which included the underground hit Sniper Redux.

As a DJ, and the host of Precious Metals, a bi-weekly show on NTS for the last 6 years, Endgame has intern come to define the sound of modern underground club music, with an eclectic, and visionary approach to selection. He has performed globally including tours in Asia, & North America, as well as playing numerous cutting edge festivals across Europe. Performing his debut live A/V set in Electronica en Abril in Barcelona this year.

Having worked with numerous visual artists including Daniel Swan, Hannah Diamond, Werkflow and Kyselina he has developed a distinct and striking aesthetic. Taking cues from his interest in counter cultures and underground movements, he has created album art, videos, and merchandise, that help to illustrate and illuminate his distinct vision.


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

→ 28.06.2019 Szpitalna 1 - Krakow, PL

Now booking for 2019.