group A

Japanese avant-garde synth wave duo group A was formed in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, vocals, percussion) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, cassette tapes). Their early shows came as a shock to most spectators, non-stop waves of experimental noise, intensely emotional poetry readings and nude live-paintings.

While their mixture of synth heavy minimal wave, avant noise, striking visuals and performance art still carries the very breath of early industrial pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire, the duo has since evolved into a beast of its own, sharing bills with artists such as Acid Mother Temple, Merzbow, Nisennenmondai, Phew, and Melt Banana.

In 2015 group A self-released their 3rd album, [ 70+A= ] and played their first European Tour resulting in the band moving their base to Berlin in 2016 where they further developed their musical and visual material. Since then the band has been playing key European festivals such as CTM-Festival, Donaufestival, Steirischer Herbst, Le Guess Who? and OFF Festival and re-released [70+a=] in a limited edition via Mecanica Records.

2017 sees the band joining Berlin based Mannequin Records for a 12" to be released in October as part of the labels Death of the Machines series. At the same time the band has started working with Montreal theater director / choreographer Dana Gingras for a theater piece which will be premiered in 2018.

The band is currently working on their next studio album.