DJ and producer KABLAM (aka Kajsa Blom) hails from Sweden and moved to Berlin in 2012. She started her career as a DJ, and is perhaps best known as one of the residents of Berlin’s infamous Janus party alongside co-residents M.E.S.H. and Lotic.

Blom’s style, in keeping with her Janus peers, experiments with the radical possibilities of music, of what a club environment is or can be, of what a dance floor looks and feels like. As a DJ, she manipulates digital tracks, taking advantage of the advanced possibilities offered by CDJs. She likes to play and mix contrasting genres, finding imaginative points of entry and combinations between them, using the parameters of space rather than time to structure the music.

In June 2016 Janus released KABLAM's debut EP titled Furiosa. In May 2019 the artist will self-release her 13-track debut album Confusía which will be followed by first live performances of her own material.

Confusía embodies the endless spiral of inner, outer and utter chaos. She is my channel but also my redeemer.



"The dizzying soundscape of droning choral chants, jarring industrial noises, and lightspeed percussion are structured rhythmically by numerous fragmented club tropes that range from reggaeton to hardstyle. Blom nonetheless triumphs in reining in the chaotic whirlwind of global influences and nonmusical sounds into a fully cohesive piece of music" XLR8RBest of 2016 Releases  

"KABLAM’s 2016 solo debut Furiosa (Janus) incorporated everything from death metal-esque screams to baile funk samples and baroque choral samples. Much has been made of the Swedish producer’s punk leanings and radical politics, but that attitude and ideology truly shines through on ‘Arch’." FACT MagazineThe 25 best club tracks of 2016

"Her music is a brutalist concoction of the sledgehammer and the spiritual. A former DJ and resident of Berlin’s famous Janus party, she was named by Mixmag and Fader as one of the most essential artists of 2016. For her avant-garde club music she makes an unrelenting mix of sounds and textures, that, if it weren’t so radical and imaginative, would be nothing but a racket." - The Guardian • Future 50 - The most exciting indiependent artists in the world

"...one of the most exciting DJs in the game. Innovation is everything to Kablam; she dislikes genre-categorisation (simply listing her genre as "no" on Facebook) and is a CDJ reformist favouring digital decks for the increased capability to manipulate tracks and add a new dimension of inventiveness to her sets. It's an approach that has already seen her make waves in 2015, roaring across England on Evian Christ's Trance Party tour and the rest of Europe, delivering a string of hard-hitting mixes." Mixmag • 16 artists who will make your year in 2016

"She made us this exquisite FADER Mix back in the summer, which has left us with a hankering for more. Hello 2016, please bless us with new KABLAM.” Fader • 20 musicians you need to know about in 2016