Lotic is DJ and producer J’Kerian Morgan. Raised in Houston, Texas, they studied electronic music composition and saxophone at university before moving to Berlin in 2012, where they helped form the city's famed Janus collective. In recent years Lotic have evolved into one of Berlin's most original voices of avantgarde club music.

An expansive exploration of the many ways in which power can be expressed and experienced, Power is Lotic's debut album, released on July 13th 2018 via Tri Angle Records. Those familiar with Lotic’s two 2015 EPs — Heterocetera (Tri Angle) and Agitations (Janus) — will trace a warm-blooded evolution: Power retains the Berlin musician’s inquisitive intensity, while mining the depths of nuance like never before. Across its 11 songs, Lotic stretches their wings into unexpected new spaces, both compositionally, and, for the first time, vocally. Power is grounded by Lotic’s love of Texan marching bands — “Beats and drumming are so integral to black culture,” they explain — and was in part inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between The World And Me

2019 will see the debut of Lotic brand new live show, developed together with visual artist Emmanuel Biard.

Lotic will also be performing together with choreographer Roderick George, presenting their dance pieces Fleshless Beast and Embryogenesis.



Territory: Europe • Asia • Australia → Simon Wojan

LOTIC: Endless Power
w/ Emmanuel Biard (UK)

→ 19.09.2019 Scopitone Festival – Nantes, FR
→ 21.09.2019 Ultima Festival – Oslo, NL
→ 03.10.2019 Lunchmeat Festival – Prague, CZ
→ 05.10.2019 Nuits Sonores Festival – Brussels, BE

→ 20.09.2019 Trauma Bar – Berlin, DE
→ 25.10.2019 Cakeshop – Seoul, KR
→ 26.10.2019 WWW X – Tokyo, JP
→ 31.10.2019 Oil Club – Shenzhen, CR
→ 01.11.2019 Dada Bar – Beijing, CR
→ 02.11.2019 Final – Taipei, TW
→ 08.11.2019 Loopy – Hangzhou, CR
→ 09.11.2019 ALL – Shanghai, CR