Timur Tokdemir, aka Mechatok, hails from Munich but now calls Berlin home. With his debut See Thru EP, the young producer exhibited a rare gift of honing a distinct and unique style at a young age. In May 2018, the artist returned with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, All My Time, released on Lorenzo Senni's acclaimed Presto?! Records.

The allure of Mechatok's music can be partly traced back to the fact that he’s a classically trained instrumentalist. In his DJ sets Mechatok juggles club music, melodic pieces and rap, conveying feels from vulnerability to bliss. In his mixes, Mechatok tells stories of melancholy, which also radiate with uplifting energy. Much more than just a club kid, Mechatok has also shown his face as a top-notch pop producer, as can be heard in his instrumental for "Schemin" featuring Uli K and Yung Lean or the remix for Mr Mitch's "VPN" on Planet Mu.

In November 2017 Mechatok completed his first tour of Asia, including live performances with visual artist Kim Laughton. Mechatok is now playing live shows themed around the new EP. 

The four tracks composing 'All My Time' reveal a unique bird’s-eye perspective over the contemporary pop landscape, with its ambiguities and fictional public. By developing a personal approach in the bosom of a universal notation, Mechatok informs naturally his tunes with a deep, emotional insight. Ornate but undisposable, All My Time glides through the skies of today’s music with a rejuvenating melody. Limited edition vinyl. Includes DL card.


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

→ 18.05.2019 Antwerp Art Weekend - Antwerp, BE

Now booking for 2019.