mobilegirl is a producer and DJ born in Munich, but now based in Berlin. She is known for her eclecticism both in and outside of music, taking inspiration from her past studies in design and computer science.

As a DJ she focuses on varied danceable rhythms, managing to weave together a range of styles and genres. Her mixes are often called 'collages' for their unusual selection and blends. In November 2016 she played her third Boiler Room show of the year at the Weekender in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, ranking her as the artist with the most BR appearances of 2016—which was astonishing considering she had only picked up DJing two years before. 

Her debut EP, Poise, which was released in fall 2017, was a project that aimed to decelerate—a reaction to the fast pace of the industry. With sonics inspired by RPG and adventure video games, Poise felt almost contrary to the high energy of her DJ sets, as the 6-track-EP creates a calming atmosphere for one to escape to.