Moro is an Argentinian DJ, producer and vocalist based in Berlin. Having played the guitar since his early teens and studied at a jazz conservatory in Buenos Aires, the artist channels a wide array of influences. In May 2018 Moro released his Irrelevant EP as a mixfile via Berlin's Janus, a follow-up to his San Benito debut on NON. 

The Argentinian-born producer, based in Berlin since 2017, recorded the EP in Buenos Aires and in Berlin. Irrelevant is a collision of thoughts, images and news flashes that Moro glues together into his distinctive "Ramba" sound.  

A few words from the artist about the new EP:   

"I started the EP while in Buenos Aires, knowing that I would leave in a few months. I always feel deeply moved by the sounds and the energy of crowds in protests there. The same percussion instruments originally used for Carnival are also used for the two most passionate things in Argentina, Politics and Football. These 3 things get mixed up and influence each other. (The 1st time the Argentinian National Football team won the World Cup in 1978 was during the bloodiest military coup; the last qualifying match with Peru is still believed to have been fixed by the coup). There’s lots of scars still open and being inside a crowd, whether its marching, chanting for a team or dancing is always a deeply emotional political experience."

"Because of the huge media war there (and of course not only there..), it’s really naive to read only one newspaper or watch the same news channels/blogs. Its’ always advisable to add a couple of different voices to make some sort of “truth.”

"I moved to Berlin while some really dark, government-related events were taking place and throughout last year my only way to know about what was going on there was to read a huge number of newspapers, talk with lots of friends, watch instagram stories, read Facebook posts, tweets, etc."

"I feel that this huge number of voices got into my own thoughts and into my own doubts about myself and my surroundings (as someone who just moved 12000km away from home) and it ended up in me making this EP which is basically me exposing my own doubts. I couldn’t even decide between individual instruments for harmonies and felt that what fitted best was to make them out of tiny bits of different sounds to try and form some sort of picture of what was going on in my mind."

The first track that came out of this was “Perdón” during December/January 2016-2017,  a cover of an old Bolero by Pedro Flores.  “Xxandi” and the first sketches of “TaZzer” were made back home as well. “Showtime” and “brb” were made between May and July 2017 in Berlin.


Territory: Europe → Mateusz Mondalski

Now booking for 2019.