Pierce Warnecke

Pierce Warnecke is sound and video artist from the US, based in Europe for over a decade. He works equally in the aural and visual domains by creating performances, installations and compositions. His works have been commissioned by CTM Festival, Deutschland Radio Kultur, ORF Musikprotocoll and Mirage Fesitval. He has received supporting grants from Germany, the European Union and France (Arcadi, Dicream).

After studying at Berklee College of Music he obtained his Master’s at Universität der Kunst Berlin (Kunst und Medien). He is currently a professor at Berklee College of Music’s Master’s program in Valencia, Spain. Recent projects include collaborations with Frank Bretschneider (visuals for his latest work "Sinn+Form" on raster-noton) and Matthew Biederman (sound composition for the installation "Perspection").

He has presented his works in many international festivals and spaces, such as KW Institut, CTM, Elektra, NEMO, Zero1 Biennale, Transmediale, Bozart/BEAF, Semibreve, MadeiraDig, Ososphere, Mirage, LAB30, Jazz à Vienne, Boston Cyberarts, SXSW Interactive and more.

He releases music on Portals Editions and most recently on Room 40. In summer 2016, Warnecke held a weeklong residency at Sweden's legendary Elektronmusikstudion EMS Stockholm. Commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur, the residency resulted in a new work titled: "Functional Mating Calls (for animals and electronics)".

Artist Statement

My work stems from interest in the effects of time on matter: modification, deterioration and disappearance. Whether the focus is on digital forms or rough materials, large scales of time or microscopic details, the goal of my work is to re-adapt existing sound, visual or physical objects and materials into parallel contexts where their signified meanings, symbols and cultural connections have become residual ghosts. I like to imagine false paradigms, inexistent branches of research and fictional sciences in order to create unrealistic questionings as a basis for a new work. Form emerges through a process of collecting, filtering and combining phenomena (objects, data, sounds, images) that are linked to the conjecture. There are explorations and structures in this 'research' but no conclusions, except the ones you make.

Warnecke graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2007, and in 2013 completed his Meisterschüler (MA) studies at Universität der Kunst Berlin (Kunst und Medien). He co-curates Emitter Micro Festival and label with Kris Limbach, and has presented his works at KW Institut, LEAP, and FEED in Berlin, Harvestworks (NY), Luggage Store Gallery (SF), Berklee (Boston), CalArts (LA) as well as festivals like Zero1 Biennale, Transmediale, Bozart/BEAF (Brussels), MadeiraDig (PT), LAB30 (DE), Boston Cyberarts, Visionsonic (FR), Pixelache (FR), Vidéoformes (FR), SXSW Interactive (US) and more. His music  has been released on Khalija, Staaltape, Gaffer, Attenuation Circuit, and Gruenrekorder.

Pierce Warnecke currently lives and works in Berlin.

Project Descriptions

The following are some of the more recent projects, both solo and collaborative, developed by Pierce Warnecke. Many more are available - please contact us for more information.

SINN + FORM with Frank Bretschneider

ΔΤ with Matthew Biederman

Collaboration with Keith Fullerton Whitman

SEDIMENTS with Clément Edouard


Territory: worldwide → Remco Schuurbiers

Available for concerts and festivals.