Pierce Warnecke

Pierce Warnecke is a multidisciplinary digital artist working equally in the sonic and visual domains via performances, installations and compositions. His projects, on the border between experimental music, digital arts and video art, are often influenced by the observation of the effects of time on matter and the intensity and limits of sensory experience. In addition to his solo pieces he collaborates regularly with Frank Bretschneider, Matthew Biederman, Keith Fullerton Whitman and more, and was a Master’s professor at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain until 2019.

He has received multiple grants and commissions for his works, including Deutschlandradio Kultur, ORF musicprotokoll, Canadian Arts Council, Culture Program of the European Commission, as well as DICREAM (CNC), Arcadi and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region in France.

Pierce presents his works in many international festivals and spaces, such as CTM, MUTEK, LEV Festival, Elektra, Scopitone, Semibreve, ZKM, FILE, ISM Hexadome, Sonic Acts, KW Institut Berlin, Martin Gropius Bau, Gray Area, NEMO and more. He has released music on raster and Room40 labels among others, with his video work being curated online through Sedition. He is represented by DISK Agency in Berlin, and currently lives and works in France.

Artist Statement

My work stems from interest in the effects of time on matter: modification, deterioration and disappearance. Whether the focus is on digital forms or rough materials, large scales of time or microscopic details, the goal of these pieces is to re-adapt existing sonic, visual or physical objects and materials into parallel contexts where their signified meanings, symbols and cultural connections have become residual ghosts; abstractions with loose connections to reality, like distant memories. This speculative method allows me to approach narratives, concepts, abstractions, fiction and sometimes science, creating a large area of interest in my research.

The possibility of altering the 'real' (or one's perception of it) through the intensity of physical experience lies at the core of how the works are composed. I attempt to achieve this intensity by playing on contrasting scales of activity (from static to frenetic) and the limits of human perception in regards to duration, frequency and amplitude of both visual and sonic material. I am interested in using what we can hear and what we can see in order to develop a personal language combining sound, light, movement, color, shape and structure in works that hopefully challenge the public to reassess how we experience the world through our senses by becoming aware of their limits.

Project Descriptions

The following are some of the more recent projects, both solo and collaborative, developed by Pierce Warnecke. Many more are available - please contact us for more information.

Somnifacient Signals With Matthew Biederman

SINN + FORM with Frank Bretschneider

ΔΤ with Matthew Biederman

Collaboration with Keith Fullerton Whitman

SEDIMENTS with Clément Edouard


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