Prison Religion

PRISON RELIGION is the collaborative project of Richmond-based audio/visual artists Poozy and False Prpht.

Working together since 2016, the duo have dived deep into the space between blown-out trap (2016’s Cage With Mirrored Bars) and contemporary destructive club music (2018’s O Fucc Im On The Wrong Planet).

Since linking up with Texas-based experimental label Halcyon Veil, they've connected a global crews of likeminded collaborators for a remix album including Rabit, Endgame, Swan Meat, Lee Gamble and Bonaventure. With close ties to Richmond-based NON Worldwide, P_R are also ushering in a new wave of vocal-based club performance.


"The barely tonal beats of tracks like "Shots Fired" have this way of making it feel like the 808s are falling apart or dissociating, like a crowd dispersing as Jones and Black spin kick in the center… acid drenched tracks draw on the history of industrial music, metal iconography and experimental club music." (Noisey)

"Prison Religion are one of the most hardcore, rap-related acts we've heard in years. No cock out business, just Philip Best levels of mic-burning bile and vitriol shrieked and expectorated over bludgeoning beats, field recordings and charred electronics." (Boomkat)

"It’s a noisy, industrial, mess of cathartic, raging. Hardcore Punk music for club kids." (Passion Of The Weiss)


Territory: Europe → Simon Wojan

→ 20.03.2019 Gold & Beton – Cologne, DE
→ 23.03.2019 Out The Frame Festival – Ghent, BE
→ 17.05.2019 Hyperreality Festival – Vienna, AT
→ 23.03.2019 Click Festival – Helsingör, DK
→ 06.06.2019 Beaches Brew Festival – Ravenna, IT
→ 20.06.2019 Saturnalia Festival – Milan, IT
→ 21.06.2019 OT301 – Amsterdam, NL
→ 22.06.2019 Beursschouwburg – Brussels, BE
→ 27.06.2019 Plissken Festival – Athens, GR
→ 30.06.2019 Fusion Festival – Lärz, DE
→ 04.07.2019 ZDB – Lisbon, PT
→ 05.07.2019 Teatro Rivoli – Porto, PT
→ 12.07.2019 Creepy Teepee Festival – Kutna Hora, CZ
→ 17.07.2019 Star + Shadow – Newcastle, UK
→ 18.07.2019 Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK
→ 19.07.2019 Lexington – London, UK
→ 20.07.2019 Supersonic Festival – Birmingham, UK

Available for festivals and club shows June / July + Fall 2019