Sarah Farina

Photo by Kerstin Meissner.

Sarah Farina sprinkles positivity over the darkest bass. She's innovative, skillful, and the smiling antithesis of genre cliques and sour scene elitists. What you hear is all you need to know. And what you'll hear from Sarah Farina's sets is seamlessly blended bass-heavy footwork and futuristic beats, with fearless forays through r&b and UK funky. It's inclusive, forward-thinking and unrestrained. It's a genre-rejecting style that she's named "rainbowbass".

Led by early releases from Aphex Twin, Timbaland and Boards of Canada into the dark clubs of Berlin, she was a driving force behind the 2010 formation of Through My Speakers. The event production collective has grown to become a burgeoning record label, thrusting underground producers and DJs onto the decks of progressive club nights and the playlists of bass fans across Europe and beyond. Her position as one of Berlin's premier DJs is cemented at her regular night, Rec Room, at OHM with Kepler and Uta, and also reinforced by her work behind the scenes at the New Forms series at Watergate, a collaborative endeavour she runs alongside DBridge, Kabuki, and a number of artists from her Through My Speakers family.

Sarah Farina is recognised and beloved by the best of her bass music contemporaries, including connections to worldwide crews such as Teklife, ​Hyperdub, Deep Medi, Buraka Som Sistema and Exit Records. Capable of holding her own in lineups with artists as diverse as Gaslamp Killer, Loefah, David Rodigan, Om Unit, Kode9 ​and Lunice, her sets unite the dancefloor, equally impressive to industry insiders and those who just want to dance. A listen to any of her three acclaimed Boiler Room sets will demonstrate why she's captured the rapt attention of tastemakers the world over. A DJ with tighter-than-a-drum mixes and flawless selections is hard to find. You just found one.

Praise for Sarah Farina


"...over all quiet transcendently levitating the set of Sarah Farina, who adds heavy plutonium beats with GPS precision in a sense, where someone easily feels light hearted. How this works remains her secret.... even the young lady Sarah Farina, whose adolescence you would immediately like to deny when she plays. Her mixes sound so cool and confidently deep, without being scared of Hip Hop, UK Funky and excursions through R&B. Altogether it feels emotionally, like a Sunday midday waking up with a small hangover, opening the window and realising the sun is shining so hard that you want to embrace the whole world." – Horst Krzbrg Club in Berlin (RIP)

"Out to all Berlin Crew ESP @sickgirls @awesomeberlin @KimAnnFoxman Keep an eye on this girl @sarahfarinabln her set was AMAZING." – Mumdance

"My favorite thing: Going out without plans to an unexpected party and be surprised by the DJ with a kick ass set salute." – Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema)


Territory: worldwide →

→ 23.06.2018 DE - Berlin - About Blank
→ 30.06.2018 DE - Munich - Blitz
→ 01.07.2018 FR - Montreux - Montreux Jazz Festival
→ 07.07.2018 DE - Potsdam - Springer Villa
→ 03.08.2018 DE - Berlin - Kater Blau
→ 04.08.2018 PL - Garbicz - Garbicz Festival
→ 10.08.2018 CH - Zuerich - Lethargy Festival
→ 25.08.2018 DE - Cologne - Stadtgarten