TFRL Function (Transformella malor ikeae everysite Berlin repeat) []

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Happening by Johannes Paul Raether, within the framework of the CTM 2019 Persisting Realities exhibition

Presented within the framework of CTM 2019 Persisting Realities exhibition, Johannes Paul Raether will give a performance relating to his "Function TFRL" project. Registration for the performance is mandatory, and the location and time will be confirmed via the same email. Please write to:

The function "TFRL" is the document that describes all future actions for the artificial identity Transformalor (Transformella malor) in the lifeline transformellae. The function forms the textual core of "core" of all appearances of this series of psycho-real bodies and is thus one of the language devices that uses the constructed lifeform as an artificial identity to (continue to) exist. Since 2010, the function has emerged as a result of repeated actions and constant concensations of language on various platforms, such as in the "Ikeae" and the "Paper caves."

Berlin-based artist Johannes Paul Raether constructs identities such as Avataras, AlterIdentities, and SelfSisters, which emerge at various public spaces to research, teach, and tell stories. His works address complex topics such as bio- and reproduction industries, globalised tourisms, and occult substances in contemporary technology.

The CTM 2019 Exhibition is on at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien until 17 March.