Curation and Production

C/O Berlin: No Photos on the Dance Floor!

The exhibition project No Photos on the Dance Floor! Berlin 1989—Today documents the history of Berlin’s club scene since the fall of the Wall and brings that history to life in club nights at C/O Berlin. The exhibition was curated by guest curator Heiko Hoffmann, together with C/O Berlin’s chief curator Felix Hoffmann, and includes works by Camille Blake, Tilman Brembs, Ben de Biel, Salvatore Di Gregorio, Martin Eberle, Matthias Fritsch, Dan Halter, Honey-Suckle Company, Erez Israeli, Romuald Karmakar, Steffen Köhn & Phillip Kaminiak, Anna-Lena Krause, Tilmann Künzel, Sven Marquardt & Marcel Dettmann, Marco Microbi, George Nebieridze, Alva Noto, Pfadfinderei, Daniel Pflumm, Mike Riemel Collection, Carolin Saage, Giovanna Silva, Wolfgang Tillmans, Lisa Wassmann, and Michael Wesely.

Accompanying the exhibition are four nights of performances at C/O Berlin. DISK Agency was asked to curate, plan, book, and produce these club nights.

Consulting and Management

Berlin Design Week

Berlin Design Week is a yearly event gathering national and international designers and design business to present their most current collections and prototypes. Cooperation with universities, the media, local companies, design ateliers, and agencies are a fixed feature of the event.

After a successfull 2018 edition, DISK Agency also supports the Design Week's 2019 edition through sponsorship consulting, acquisition & management, project management, management of funding applications, and press consulting. The 2019 Design Week takes place 10-17 October.

Event Series


Initiated in 2012, the Polymorphism concert series at Berghain takes shape as a crossbreed of club night, concert, and experimental laboratory, and explores the artistic possibilities of a present moment in which everything counts as a viable source and no rules apply.

An unprecedented range of sound has been made available today through digitization and the development of new technologies. Constantly in flux, our acoustic environments are saturated by diverse influences. Polymorphism, hosted by CTM Festival, introduces artists who, rather than limiting or refining the scope of their sound to subscribe to existing genres, categories, or expectations, embrace the challenge of hybridity. The resulting styles may be at once chaotic and wholly coherent, amorphous and hazy, or packed with strong contrasts, yet are never anything less than resolutely eclectic and subjective.

Artists who performed within Polymorphism nights comprise Oneohtrix Point Never, LA Vampires, Morphosis, Hieroglyphic Being, Slava, Nguzunguzu, James Ferraro, 2562, Untold, The Haxan Cloak, William Basinski, Charanjit Singh, A Guy Called Gerald, Forest Swords, Kuedo, Stelar Om Source, Lorenzo Senni and many more.