Curation and Production Support

CTM x Ableton

On the occasion of Loop - A Summit for Music Makers, an Ableton-led conference which took place autumn 2015 and 2016 in Berlin, DISK Agency produced concurrently running CTM x Ableton events while also providing guest management and ticketing support for the daytime Loop conference. In 2017 we will provide curatorial input and production support for the daytime conference and nighttime performance programme.

Emerging Artist Platform

Berlin Current

The new sound of the city – Berlin Current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin. Since 2013, a series of Berlin Current showcases in Berlin and at festivals such as Unsound Krakow, MUTEK Montreal and Intonal Festival in Malmø, Sweden have propelled emerging artists onto the international stage. A partnership established with Ableton in 2015 aims to support artists in their technical development. Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin.

Networking Events

Initiative Music Showcases

Since 2016, DISK Agency has curated and produced two events for Initiative Musik, to provide a networking space for invited visiting music professionals. Artists and the general public alike were invited to join, meet the delegates, and enjoy these programmes, which in 2017 features artists from DISK's Berlin Current initiative that supports emerging Berlin-based artist, and in 2016 focused on the music genre, metal, by inviting local bands.

Event Series


Initiated in 2012, the Polymorphism concert series at Berghain takes shape as a crossbreed of club night, concert, and experimental laboratory, and explores the artistic possibilities of a present moment in which everything counts as a viable source and no rules apply.