Berlin Current

Artist Support Programme

The new sound of the city – Berlin current presents young, unconventional, and experimental pop music from Berlin.

Established in 2013, Berlin Current now continues into its fourth season as an ongoing CTM-led project that identifies and supports emerging Berlin-based musicians, without attachment to notions of fixed geographical or temporal identity. The initiative involves an ever-fluctuating group of musicians in order to nurture a fluid panoply of musical voices in Berlin. Be they new to the city or longtime residents, these diverse musicians all contribute to (a) moment(s) in time in a city in flux.

The initiative supports artists by producing live concerts at Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin and during the CTM Festival, or Berlin Current showcases at festivals and events Europe-wide. Creative commissions education initiatives with Ableton, as well as radio and magazine features by partners The Quietus, No Fear of Pop, BLN.FM, and previously De:Bug, also make up significant part of the initiative.

Featured artists comprise among other: Lumisokea, Jesse-Osborne Lanthier, KETEV, Dasha Rush, Objekt, Lief Hall, Moon Wheel, Kobosil, Golden Disco Ship, Ame Zek, Kathy Alberici, OAKE, Shapednoise, M.E.S.H., Reliq, Sarah Farina, Phoebe Kiddo.

Berlin Current showcases were held at a.o. Unsound, MUTEK Mexico, STUK, RIAM, Cynetart, and TodaysArt. In 2015 showcases took place at MUTEK Montreal, Intonal Festival in Malmø, the ICAS Festival in Dresden, and Sweden's Norbergfestival, Denmark's PHONO Festival and MUTEK.MX.

Sponsored by the Musicboard Berlin.

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