Curation and Production Support

CTM x Ableton

On the occasion of Loop - A Summit for Music Makers, an Ableton-led conference which took place autumn 2015 and 2016 in Berlin, DISK Agency produced concurrently running CTM x Ableton events while also providing guest management and ticketing support for the daytime Loop conference. In 2017 we provided curatorial input and production support for the daytime conference and nighttime performance programme.

Album PR

Lumisokea - Transmissions from Revarsavr

On the Transmissions from Revarsavr LP, Lumisokea continue their exploration of rhythm technology and electro-acoustic experiments while paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of the visionary inventors and composers from the early 20th century from the former Soviet Union. The album presents a meticulously balanced aural web of spiralling polyrhythmic constructions, clashing and chiming copper plates, sub-zero bass shudders and glowing synths.

PR & Promotion

Kosmostage – Festival für universelle Musik

Taking place 17 – 18 July 2015 at Radialsystem V in Berlin, the second edition of Kosmostage explores music ranging from 11th century choral works, original tribe rhythms from Burkina-Faso, to avant-garde compositions from Italy and Japan, rounded off with live electronic dance music, and contemporary jazz. The festival is curated and produced by the Berlin based Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra. Highlight will be a special collaboration between the orchestra and Brasilian jazz legend Hermeto Pascoal. DISK Agency provides German PR.

Album PR

OZmotic & Fennesz – AirEffect

"AirEffect", the collaboration between renowned electronic musician and guitarist Christian Fennesz and Turin based duo OZmotic, is a highly imaginative flow of electronic and instrumental music mixed with sounds collected from urban and natural sources to explore a speculative post-anthropocene scenario. The album will be released on 12 June 2015 on the Folk Wisdom label. DISK Agency provides PR for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Administrative Support

XJAZZ Festival

DISK Agency is helping administrate the finances and financial project reporting for XJAZZ, a Berlin-based network spreading the vibe of contemporary Jazz throughout Europe. The organization hosts an annual festival in Berlin, with a particular focus on its international local scene and allowing room for developing unique joint performances and new experimental formats.

Consulting, Production, Administrative Support

Mouse on Mars – 21Again Festival

On the occasion of their 21st birthday, Mouse on Mars celebrate with the lavish two-day 21AGAIN Festival at Berlin's HAU - Hebbel am Ufer theatre on 31 October and 1 November 2014. With CTM leading the project's funding, finances, and PR, Mouse on Mars have curated a festival lineup that features many of their peers and artist friends. The event also highlights the Mouse on Mars 21AGAIN double CD and box set, released on the same date on Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records.

Album PR

Ame Zek – Rostfrei

Modularity, transformation, sound generation and sucession are the keywords that can help open up one’s understanding of Ame Zek’s music as a kind of paradoxical exploration of "order in motion". His new album "Rostfrei" is released on Keep It Business / Cargo Records on 6 June 2014. DISK Agency provides international PR.

Administrative Support

Avant Avantgarde

Through four nights of commissioned musical works presented in Cologne, Krakow, Warsaw, and Berlin, Avant Avantgarde embarked on an anachronistic journey through time to highlight musical experiments before the 20th century. Claiming that there is no such thing as new music, Avant Avantgarde rediscovered the silent patrons of some of the most thrilling adventures in contemporary sound making. Specially commissioned works and lectures explored practices in scores, prints, and treatises from times before terms such as "new", "contemporary", "experimental" or "avant garde" music were conceived.



Denkfabrik was developed for the 2nd edition of the Berlin Music Week in 2012 as a day-long lecture series on music, culture, and the economy, aiming to address the antagonism between creative activity and the commercial sphere, particularly in light of the ferocity of ongoing debates surrounding copyright law, GEMA tariff reforms, and the wealth of creative minds and artists in Berlin. Presented under the CTM Festival banner in collaboration with ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound, the event made a critical contribution to the Music Week’s conference programme.

The international cast of speakers included Trevor Davies, Mathias Holmberg, Jeremy Gilbert, Susanna Niedermayr, Christoph Gurk, Georgios Papadopoulus, and Marcel Mars.

Music Programming


In 2009, DISK/CTM produced a concert with legendary Italian prog-rock band Goblin at the Donaufestival in Krems. Best known for their congenial collaboration with horror film master Dario Argento, the concert represented the band’s first appearance in 32 years. Subsequent CTM-initiated appearances led to a full-blown Goblin tour in 2009-2010, with dates at Unsound Festival among other, allowing for the band’s gradual rediscovery by wider audiences. Today Goblin continue to perform under both their original name as as their “Simonetti’s Goblin” reincarnation, named after the original band’s keyboard player.

Music Festival

The ICAS Suite

CTM Festival co-founded the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network, a group of 38 organisations and festivals on 4 continents that joined forces to promote artistic development and knowledge at the interface of music, art, technology, and society. Shortly thereafter, the ICAS Suite was developed as an open and collaborative festival format for the whole network. The ICAS suite concept invites network members and other music initiatives to participate in a curatorial process to shape a unique, collaborative music event.

DISK organised two several-day editions of the ICAS Suite within the Berlin Music Week in 2011 and 2012. Presented under the CTM Festival banner, the ICAS Suite editions took place at venues such as Festsaal Kreuzberg, Prince Charles, West Germany, and Monarch, and featured more than 150 international artists and 40 initiatives and festivals.

Concept Development & Organisational Support

Waxtreatment Africa Special

DISK supported Hardwax in organising its 2-day Waxtreatment Africa Special, that took place during Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures in May 2012. Concerts, panel discussions and a label presentation investigated and celebrated the African DNA deeply entrenched in contemporary club music. Featured artists were Mark Ernestus with Jeri-Jeri, Chris Menist, Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit, Shed, Analog Afrcia Soundsystem, Applebim, Mark Ainley, Hugo Mendez, MMM, Shakleton, DJ Pete and many others. The project was funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Production & Music Programming


Pictoplasma is a Berlin-based organisation that researches and presents contemporary character design and art via festivals, exhibitions, conferences, publications, and the Pictoplasma Academy. Since its inception in 2004, the annual Berlin festival has established itself as the world’s leading meeting point for an international audience of visual creators and producers, while also bringing its events around the globe. Throughout the years, DISK has repeatedly contributed to Pictoplasma’s Berlin activities through organisational support, the production of music performances and club nights, as well as through supporting the Pictoplasma residency programme.

Performance Programme

Invasive Sound

A two-day programme of high-profile sound and intermedia performances curated for the 2009 edition of TodaysArt Festival in Den Haag. Exploring the human body as a source of and target for sound, and testing the limits of perception, the programme responded to the TodaysArt festival theme "Conflict". Artists included Kurt Hentschlager, Heart Chamber Orchestra, Artificiel, Jacob Kierkegaard, Lynn Pook & Julien Clauss, Jamie Drouin & Karl Kliem, Christof Migone, Daito Manabe, Lucas Abela, Mark Bain, Mattin, and Rudolfo Quintas.

Administrative Support

LIGNA: Tanz aller

In 2013, DISK Berlin was asked to administrate the finances and financial project reporting for a notable project within the world of Dance, by Hamburg/Berlin-based artistic research collective Ligna. Tanz aller explored Rudolf von Laban’s concept of movement choirs, interventions in city space held in the 1920s that, through their exploration of mass interventions in urban areas and the heterogeneity of outcomes in different cities, were an important socio-political artistic phenomena in the world of dance at that time.

Music Instrument Presentation

Tenori-On Launch

Exclusive launch event for the German release of Tenori-on, Yamaha's then brand new, innovative and visually stunning live performance instrument. The event at Berghain featured live performances on the Tenori-on by some of the finest talent in electronic music who road-tested the instrument, and an introduction by Tenori-on's inventor and leading Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai. 

Event Conception

Midi Street Instruments

A free open-air concert in front of the Klangraum Krems. A 12 ton mobile carillon comprising 48 bells, and two huge street-organs, embellished by flutes, accordions, drums and wooden percussion instruments, were computer-linked to create a stupendous orchestral sound installation. A project by sound artists Edwin van der Heide and Remco de Jong, in collaboration with TodaysArt Festival, Den Haag, and Kontraste Festival, Krems.

Festival Programmes & Cultural Exchange

The Blind Spot

The Blind Spot was a project conceived by the Ultrahang Festival in Budapest and CTM Festival in Berlin. Exploring the idea that joint projects illuminate the blind spots in one’s own perception, the two organizations brought together Hungarian and German artists for a joint programme of performances and discussions at the CTM and Ultrahang festivals.

Artist Exchange

Soundbridge Ljubljana – Berlin

Soundbridge Ljubljana – Berlin created opportunities for artists from Ljubljana and Berlin to meet, interact, collaborate, and establish creative ties. The two-part programme in Berlin and Ljubljana gave mutual insights through presenting music and information on the local context and current situation for artists and musicians in both cities.

Festival Programme

Touch This Sound

Invited by the ORF musikprotokoll festival 2009, DISK curated a programme to explore the human body as both a source and target for sound. Presented artists were Jupitter X. Larsen and The Haters, Lucky Dragons, Heart Chamber Orchestra, and Jacob Kierkegaard. Produced in collaboration with TodaysArt festival in The Hague, for which DISK created a programme exploring related topics under the title Invasive Sound that same year.