New Jana Rush album out on Planet Mu

Chicago’s Jana Rush returns with Painful Enlightenment, an intense emotional rollercoaster of disfigured samples, quivering electronics and vagrant percussion.

" electronic visionary" -The Guardian 4/5

"It’s a grown-up album in a world where growing up is frequently painful." -Pitchfork 7.8

"Painful Enlightenment is a sophisticated triumph." -Wire Magazine

"Painful Enlightenment feels like a rewarding, groundbreaking footwork record for daring not to sound much like footwork at all." -Loud & Quiet 9/10

Cakes Da Killa releases Muvaland Vol. 2 EP on London's He She They label solidifying his role as Hip House innovator together with NY producer Proper Villains

"These pair of Muvaland EPs started as quarantine projects, but within the canon of rap music, queer or otherwise, they will be remembered as the shift in Cakes da Killa’s career when it all came together—when both his persona and his talent went supernova." -Pitchfork Media

Khyam Allami Wins 2021 Isao Tomita Special Prize

Congratulations to Khyam Allami on winning the 2021 Prix Ars Electronica Isao Tomita Special Prize for his generative music system Apotome!

Apotome is a generative music system focused on transcultural tunings and their subsets (scales and modes), and its sister application Leimma, which allows for the exploration and creation of such tunings. It is so far the most successful and freely available tool that allows one to explore and compose non-Western (electronic) music.

Pierce Warnecke's Somnifacient Signals Booked For Rewire 2021

Somnifacient Signals, am A/V project which consists of Pierce Warnecke and Matthew Biederman has been announced for Rewire Festival 2021, to be held exclusively a digital format from May 6-9, 2021.



Desire Marea signs to Mute Records

Kwazulu-natal born, multi-disciplinary artist Desire Marea has announced their signing to Mute. Now based in Durban, South Africa, Desire (born Buyani Duma), already well-known as founding member of Johannesburg collective FAKA, released their debut solo album, Desire, in January 2020 on their own imprint Izimakade Records. Speaking on the signing, Mute founder Daniel Miller comments: “I am enormously excited to be working with Desire and to be part of their remarkable career.” Desire adds: “This is probably the highlight of my career thus far, to be supported by such an amazing label and such an exceptional team. I am very excited about the future.”

DISK welcomes Machine Girl

Originally formed in New York City and recently relocated to Pittsburgh, Machine Girl is a solo turned two piece digital hardcore outfit consisting of vocalist / producer Matt Stephenson and drummer Sean Kelly. Cutting their teeth on the DIY circuit across North America, Machine Girl have quickly become known for their unpredictable and cathartic live shows, amassing a rabid following of club kids, punks and metal heads reveling in the bands amorphous blur between grindcore mosh pit and underground gabber rave. Available summer festivals 2021 • Fall 2021 • Bookings:

DISK Welcomes Moesha13

DISK proudly welcomes Moesha13 to its roster. Bookings:

Lotic Signs to Houndstooth, Shares New Song “Burn a Print”

In succession to her debut album ‘Power’, released in 2018 on Tri-Angle, Lotic’s new single “Burn a Print” is the accession of the previous album’s message: Once one has transformed fear and vulnerability into the consolidation of individual power, the natural next step for any reign is to establish a legacy, or in Lotic’s own words, “to burn your print into this Earth because when you go, you need to remind the future bitches that you was here.” The release coincides with the announcement of her signing to Houndstooth.

Supporting DISK Artists

Like the rest of the world, CTM & DISK are currently embroiled in efforts to keep our audience, artists, and team safe and healthy. We wanted to take a moment to express our care for and solidarity with all those affected, and our support for physical distancing measures.

While we don’t wish to minimise or divert attention away from any struggles, we do want to highlight the fact that the ecosystems that we are a part of have been hit very hard. Many in music are precarious already and are wholly dependent on income from live music gatherings. 

We are thinking about how we can best support those in our scenes. In the meantime, please consider how you can help sustain the artists you love. While recorded music sales can’t make up for lost income due to gig cancellations, it's nonetheless a great time to directly support artists you love. Here is a selection of releases from DISK artists.

Take care of yourselves! Stay home and stay well.

DISK Welcomes Sean Nicholas Savage

Across the spectrum of avant garde pop music, Canadian cult songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage is renowned for his bitter sweet ballads, and beautifully raw live performances, his singing delicate and brave, full of energy and space. Each new record is an adventure in sensitivity and nuance.

DISK Welcomes Delish Da Goddess

With 8 EPs under her belt, New Orleans rapper Delish Da Goddess has been a steady source of creative energy for Louisiana’s Hip Hop scene. Her prolific output and high energy performances afforded her the award for Best Rap and Bounce artist at 2018's Big Easy Awards, and she has performed with the likes of Peaches, Le1f, Big Freedia and Sophie.

Consulting & Opperative Support

DISK has a proven track record in the organization of art, music, and media events, from concept design, planning, and finance, to operations, production, and communications and PR. We draw on extensive local and international networks as well as solid contacts in the cultural policy sector to promote groundbreaking art and music in combination with pioneering interdisciplinary discourse on their social and cultural impact. We would gladly deploy these diverse skills to realise projects on behalf of, or in close cooperation with likeminded partners.


From concerts and showcases, passing through conferences and publications, exhibitions and installations, site-specific art interventions, and multilateral co-operations, DISK holds over fifteen years of experience in developing projects that combine sound and a myriad of art forms and related fields. We actively seek to develop new projects and collaborations through commissioned work, unusual artistic pairings, new event formats, and any other artistic vision that relates to adventurous art.

Artist Booking

Representing individual artists as well as several of our own projects, we aim to promote adventurous music and multidisciplinary arts with forward-thinking institutions and partners around the world.

Promotion & PR

Communications and Public Relations for events and new releases, tailored to local national or international media representatives and audiences.

Year-Round Concerts

DISK Agency is active year-round in concert programming, producing the Polymorphism and Focus Mode series at Berghain, and curating concerts at various other local and international venues/partners.


Our current projects, and a selection of past projects, realized for clients or in collaboration with partners within the framework of the CTM Festival or DISK – Initiative Bild & Ton platforms.

Mission Statement

DISK Agency puts into service a range of skills developed from organizing Berlin’s annual CTM Festival for Adventurous Music & Art as well as through the projects and operations of the festival’s host organisation DISK Berlin. Since its inception in 1999, CTM Festival has become one of the world’s most prominent platforms for contemporary electronic and experimental music and digital culture.

With over 18 years of experience and an extensive network of partners, DISK Agency aims to further encourage the production and diffusion of experimental sound art, innovative music, and visual arts. A central axis in the independent arts scene in Berlin and internationally, DISK is also committed to sustaining its longstanding relationship with likeminded festivals, venues, concert agencies, and cultural bodies, and to nurturing likeminded local and international non-profit initiatives. 


We are interested in collaborating with forward-thinking artists, thinkers, festivals, venues, and cultural organisations from diverse sound-related fields, as well as likeminded private ventures. Contact us for more information.

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